Syria's huddled masses
Syria's huddled masses

Yearning to breathe free or yearning to breathe sharia.

Regardless, the Obama administration has fast-tracked some 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States.

Or rather, 10,000 more.

Those that are already here will be permitted to stay and apply for benefits that normally go to actual citizens. Same deal for newer arrivals.

Not all are Syrian, the number includes Afghans and Somalis, among others, but most are men, men without women, between the ages of 18 and 45.

Liberals call it a humanitarian gesture. Trump and other conservatives call it “a great Trojan Horse.”

“We don’t know who they are,” says Trump.

No, we don’t.

Our culture of mom, baseball and apple pie is teetering under the hijab. Entire neighborhoods are being bought up with Saudi money.
“We don’t know their intentions.”

True. However, we do know that over the years Syria was never a friend of Israel or of the United States. We know that when it was time to chant  “Death to Israel” and when it was time to burn the American flag, Syrians were among the first to join the performance.

There is no doubt that eventually they will be given a path to citizenship, which means a path to vote.

Which means a path to vote Democrat. That’s why Hillary Clinton wants even more of them.

The scheme is being accelerated, but nothing new. In 1965, Ted Kennedy pushed through the Hart-Celler Immigration Bill, which LBJ gladly signed. Through this Act, people from Western countries, people who shared Judeo/Christian values, were stopped from coming in.

Instead, the doors were opened for people emigrating from lands that worship sharia and that practice anti-Semitism, and practice it openly, most prominently in our schools. The BDS and SJP movements are now spread far and wide from campus to campus. Jewish students are being bullied at 100 different universities.

College has become a no-go zone.

Part of it is the result of the multitudes who’ve been brought over from places like Syria, Iraq and Somalia since Hart-Celler.

The new influx means that for Jewish kids and for anyone wishing to speak favorably about Israel – it will only get worse.

They will be shouted down and threatened, since tolerance and free speech have never been valued in the burka part of the world.    

If the intention is to change the complexion of the United States, it’s working. Church steeples are being replaced by minarets.

Our culture of mom, baseball and apple pie is teetering under the hijab. Entire neighborhoods are being bought up with Saudi money.

Note any sign that reads, “Sell fast. We buy homes for cash.”

Perhaps we do know their intentions.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. New from the novelist: “News Anchor Sweetheart,” a novelist’s version of Fox News and Megyn Kelly. Engelhard is the author of the international bestseller “Indecent Proposal.” He is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: