Nice Terror: First they came for the Jews
Nice Terror: First they came for the Jews

As I write this the terrorist who used a truck to kill dozens in Nice, France has not been identified. Chances are he, or she, is the usual Muslim extremist. Even if that is not the case, the result is the same. It is fanatical Islam that has got the entire civilized world in retreat and it all began in Israel.

From one Palestinian Arab terrorist attack to another, going back decades, the “international community” kept telling the Israelis that they must not answer with force, but rather they must respond with appeasement. Go forth, said the UN and the US State Department and all Liberals in between – go reason with those people who have so many complaints.

Yet every peace gesture was met with more demands and more terror and the world refused to figure it out, that it has nothing to do with land, only to commit bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed. There is no reasoning with people who have grievances against EVERYBODY. There is no reasoning with savages.

The civilized world sat back comfortably thinking that the problem was Israel’s problem, so let the Jews worry.

But now the French are worried. The Germans are worried. The British are worried. The entire planet is worried upon one final realization:

That the problem was never about Israel, after all. Israel was merely a laboratory for Radical Islam.

Israel was where Radical Islam tested the world’s resolve, and by proving itself weak-kneed, passive and irresolute – today it’s Nice.

Before that it was nearly every other country on the map.

From the hands of Hamas or Fatah or Hezbollah or whatever they call themselves, they are Radical Muslims and over the years they murdered thousands of Israeli civilians by use of the gun, the knife, the suicide belt; any explosive would do, and now it’s the automobile.

Will Hollande be willing to divide France after what just happened? Has he figured out how to reason with savages?
Before Nice, where was this tested? It was tested in Israel. Radical Palestinian Arabs found the car to be the latest means to convey murder.

At the moment French President Hollande is addressing the nation and the world. He says something must be done about the borders.

Something must be done to keep the savages (my term) from coming in. (Trump’s message from the start.)

Yet it was this same French President who last week called for a summit that would bring Israel and the Palestinians Arabs to the “peace table.”

Is he calling for a peace summit with whoever came to Nice to mow down hundreds of celebrants?

Hollande and the rest of the EU (minus the UK) keep insisting on a two-state solution – for Israel and only Israel.

Will Hollande be willing to divide France after what just happened? Has he figured out how to reason with savages?

Has Merkel who keeps bringing in more migrants – by the millions? Has Sweden’s Margot Wallstrom got the answer?

Has she even got a clue?

Does Obama have a clue as he opens the door to 10,000 more migrants, probably some of whom will be radicalized, but nearly all of whom will surely bring in their anti-Semitism? Have we forgotten everything from 9/11 to San Bernardino? Hillary sure has. She wants 10 times more.

After 9/11 here and the Passover Massacre in Netanya (30 murdered), I travelled to Israel and then wrote a book (“The Bathsheba Deadline”) to warn that this is just a start. I warned that “The Koran has arrived and it has come to devour the Bible.” The book finally got published, but at first 14 publishers turned it down for being too “alarmist.”

“This is only about Israel,” they told me. “It’s got nothing to do with Europe or the rest of the world.”

Nice is in France, last time I checked.

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