Dear Diaspora Jews: Your money is killing us
Dear Diaspora Jews: Your money is killing us

Shock, crippling sadness, despair, fury.

No doubt most people reading this article will have experienced that all too familiar, gut-wrenching roller coaster of emotions since the news broke this morning. Another deadly terrorist attack; this time, the horrific murder of an innocent 13-year-old Israeli girl by a Palestinian knifeman.

There is so much one could say - but what hasn't already been said? We've been here so many times before.

Yes, the murder of Hallel-Yaffa Ariel is a stark, tragic, chilling illustration of the brutal Arab-Israeli paradigm.

A talented, intelligent, beautiful young Jewish girl - whose hopes and dreams and ambitions included nothing more offensive than a passion for dancing - slaughtered as she slept in her bed by a brainwashed Arab jihadist, who stabbed her repeatedly in the back.

"What threat did she pose?" her distraught father asked. None whatsoever - she just existed as a Jew in her ancestral homeland, is the only real, jarring answer.

I could talk about how this is yet another illustration of the satanic brutality of Arab terrorism, or its racist, supremacist goal of dragging a blood-stained Jewish people back under the Muslim heel - or, failing that, annihilating us completely. For there can be no greater crime against Islam, no more galling insult to Arab manliness and honor, than the existence of proud, strong, confident, politically independent Jews in the heart of the Middle East. 

Or perhaps I could talk about the way in which the international media act as the enablers of such brutal terrorism, dehumanizing Israelis - and all the more so "settlers" - until the murder of our innocent children is worth far less outrage, hand-wringing and self-righteous preaching than the killing of Palestinian attackers, thereby gifting the Palestinians themselves with a sense of impunity to murder.

But it's already been said, by myself and countless others, so many times before.

So instead, I would like to address my Jewish brothers and sisters - and all supporters of Israel, Jewish and not - in the Diaspora.

I know what it's like. The outrage, then that sense of helplessness. What can we do, sitting so far away? (In truth, you should know that most Israelis feel the same way too.) 

But please do not simply make do with a deluge of angry or sad social media posts. You can act. In fact, you have a moral duty to act and not stand idly by as the blood of your brothers and sisters continues to flow.

Because the bloodthirsty terrorist who murdered young Hallel was, at least in some part, indoctrinated and encouraged courtesy of your own tax dollars - or pounds, or euros.

The Palestinian Authority is funded almost entirely by state donors, its most generous benefactors including none other than the United States of America, and a host of European states, chief among them the United Kingdom.

It is by now the worst-kept secret in the international aid industry (and what a lucrative industry that is) that a large portion of that money goes towards not just incitement and indoctrination - whether in schools and mosques, or official PA youth clubs and sporting events - but directly into the pockets of Palestinian terrorists and their families.

Your tax money is essentially bankrolling the murderers of our children.

And they're not even shy about it. 

Just recently, at an iftar meal to break the Ramadan fast in Ramallah, PA "Prime Minister" Rami Hamdallah vowed to increase spending to support "heroic" terrorists. This support, he boasted, included increasing the monthly wage paid to every terrorist imprisoned for carrying out an attack, as well as upping the cash prize awarded to every Palestinian family which offers up one of its children as a "martyr."

The family of Hallel's killer, 17-year-old Mohammed Nasser Tarayra of Bani Naim, near Hevron, will also be paid by the PA for his despicable actions. With money from your back pocket. Just know that.

Yesterday, the brother of another Israeli slain by Islamist terrorists - though in this case on the battlefield - made an appeal directly to you, my brothers and sisters in the galut.

Tzur Goldin, brother of IDF Lieutenant Hadar Goldin - whose body is still being held by Hamas in Gaza - urged you, appealed to you, not to stand silently while Hamas flagrantly flouts international law over the bodies - dead and alive - of our people.

"Help us to never surrender on an IDF soldier. Help us pressure the terrorist organizations... help us prevent the next kidnapping," he pleaded.

Certainly, there are ways in which pro-Israel groups and activists can and must raise awareness of the plight of our captives held by a vicious terrorist organization in Gaza, where international aid is flowing to (without much awareness of where it is being funneled upon arrival).

Why doesn't the whole world know the name of Avera Mengistu, a mentally ill civilian cruelly held against his will, without any access to the outside world, by a violent jihadist group?

But that is truer still when it comes to the Palestinian Authority. Your governments fund them directly.

So take action, right now. Write to your local member of parliament or congress; to your ministers and prime ministers and presidents, and ask for accountability. Ask them to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority until it can prove that not a penny will go towards funding and encouraging terrorism.

Write to your communal leaders, and to your local pro-Israel organizations, and demand they take the lead in rallying and lobbying for accountability and an end to your tax money funding Palestinian terrorism. 

Spend at least as long as you took to vent on social media to write to your elected representatives and to others who can make a difference.

Please. It's the least you could do.