Donald Trump will understand Middle East real estate in 5 minutes
Donald Trump will understand Middle East real estate in 5 minutes

After one year of President Trump, Obama and his policies will be just a bad dream.”

Now, get ready for United States President Donald Trump to be installed in January 2017.  Secretary of State Clinton has already fatally “bitten” into Trump’s “women’s card” baited-trap, hook, line, and sinker. 

Imagine Trump in the soon-in-coming nationalized TV debate retorting to Clinton, “Where was your ‘women’s card’ for Paula Jones or Monica Lewinsky, or for all of Bill Clinton’s other victims?” 

As for the Middle East, real estate mogul Trump will quickly understand the topography, demography, and resource aspects of the Middle East real estate map.  Here’s a quick guide to the 5 keys to the Middle Eastern Real Estate’s topographic, demographic, and asset-rich terrain.

1)  Iran is shooting to steal, for itself, the Black Gold Triangle, taking it from the Sunni Kingdoms. The Black Gold Triangle holds 56% of the world’s oil.  With a Middle East topographic map one quickly sees that the “fertile crescent” which lies between the Tigris [West river] and Euphrates [East river] Rivers topographically traces out what I have dubbed the “Black Gold Triangle.”  This north-southward topographic triangle is essentially the demographic dividing line between the Sunnis to the west and the Shias to the east. 

So, on the face of it, the Middle East is a Sunni-Shiite fight over the fertile-crescent’s oil riches.

The Black Gold Triangle
The Black Gold TriangleINN:ML
The trianglel
The trianglelINN:ML
2) Trump will notice that topographically the 4,000 meter-high Zagros Mountains that form Iran’s western border are the dividing line between Persia to the east, and the Arabs to the West, and that all the oil is on the Arab’s Western side.  Therefore, Iran has really engaged in a Persian divide-and-conquer campaign to divide the Arabs among themselves, and to foment an intra-Arab genocide by inciting the Sunni-Shiite internecine hostilities.  Iran’s goal is to instigate Arab auto-genocide so that Iran can walk into the Black Gold Triangle without anyone stopping them. 

Trump will see the current Middle East turmoil not as a Sunni-Shiite battle to the death, but as a Persian plan to steal Arab oil resources.  Once Trump gets this fact, the entire Sunni Muslim American community will vote for him in droves.  Sunnis make up 90% of the world’s Muslims and a similarly huge percentage of American Muslims.

Zagros Mountains 
Zagros MountainsINN: ML

3)   Once Iran is seen as the ultimate fomenter of the horrific violence, mass-murder, and world terrorism,  Mr. Trump will quickly see Israel as the key to forming a sustainable local regional Sunni defense alliance that will stop the Iranian hegemonic land-grab in its tracks.  A lucky fall-out will be that the Sunnis want to eradicate ISIS as much as they want to eject Iran out of the Arab lands. 

The key is the fact that the Middle East doesn’t need American troops. The Middle East needs an American President who does not act like an Iranian stooge, and is not threatened by the Syrian-America dual-national Tony Rezko who is said to have engineered Obama’s allegedly fraudulent purchase of his Hyde Park home while Obama was a sitting United States senator. 

Obama has done everything in his power to kill an Israeli-Sunni alliance.  An informed Trump will encourage and facilitate an Israeli-Sunni entente - and that means no US troops in the Middle East and a well-earned Nobel Peace Prize for Trump.  Once Trump understands the intersection between dual-national Syria-American Tony Rezko, Obama, Valerie Jarrett. the Mukhabarat, and the Iran-Nuclear Deal, the FBI will be called in to effect order.

Shamshir of Mahdi
Shamshir of MahdiINN:ML
4)  Next, Trump will see that only thing that stands between Greece, a NATO member with 11 million Christians (that America is sworn to defend), and 370 million Muslims of the Middle East - is the safe and strong fortress of Eretz Israel including the entire 'West Bank'.  Without Israel, the Islamists would bring their Kalashnikovs instead of their suitcases to Greece. 

Without Israel, the United States would have to spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year and lose many thousands of our precious soldiers defending Europe from an Islamo-Fascist invasion from the South-East.  He will understand that control of the physical territory of Israel forms the key strategic European defense hub of the entire Middle East.  

For, as Alexander the Great schooled his generals in 333 B.C.E. after he rejected their urgent advice to immediately chase east after the Persian/Iranian Darius III after Alexander defeated Darius III at Battle of Issus, “Friends and fellow soldiers, I do not see how we safely advance . . . to pursue [the Iranian] Darius with the neutral city of Tyre in our rear and Egypt and Cyprus still in enemy hands would be a serious risk. . .. But with all Phoenicia [Israel] . . . ours . . . we shall be able to march on Babylon [Iraq] with security at home, with enhanced prestige and with Persia [Iran] excluded not only from the [Mediterranean] Sea but from the whole [Middle East] continent up to the Euphrates.” 

With a safe and secure Israel, there will be peace.  With a defeated Israel, the Iranian Pandora’s evil box will become unstoppable.

 Israel's strategic value
Israel's strategic value


5)  Finally, in seconds President Trump will understand that the West Bank is the topographic mountains that tower over the low lands of the Sharon Plain that hold 70% of Israel’s Jewish population. And, any “West Bank ‘Demilitarized’ PA States will smuggle rockets into the territory and will rain Sarin-tipped rockets into Tel Aviv five minutes after Israel withdrew to the  “2-State Solution” just like Gaza has rained rockets on Israel’s south.  Trump will see the “2-State Solution” is the “Establishment’s” prescription for an American catastrophic loss of its key geo-strategic asset in the region.
Israel's enemies 
Israel's enemiesINN:ML
In short, a President Trump will usher in a golden age of peace and harmony in the Middle East by recognizing that the “international establishment’s” 2-State Solution is as much of an international fraud on America as is all of the “Establishment’s” other domestic policies that have destroyed America’s power of good in the world.  And, critically, the real evil of the Middle East is Iran and its evil proxies who are now funded by Obama’s treasonous Iranian Nuclear deal.