Can one soldier fell a government?
Can one soldier fell a government?

Politicians should take careful note of the discontent in the street, as one woman from Dimona has as much voting power as the Prime Minister himself.  She now represents many of the population’s feelings about how a young soldier has been dealt with. 

Those who wish to stay in power and those who wish to head a motivated army should have their ears to the ground instead of blaming extremist right-wing organisations and "twisted ideology.".

A walk down the street in one of Israel’s major cities turned up the following comments voiced loudly in plain hearing range of everyone around:

From a businessman:  “I chose not to join the army as my two older brothers did because one of them was sent to jail for six months for hurting an Arab who was trying to kill him. “

From a young soldier: “In our unit we are all completely ashamed of how this soldier is being treated. Of course he should have shot the terrorist dead.  If this is the way he is treated why are we in the army at all?”

From a mother:  “I do not want my children to go into the army if that is how one soldier is being treated.”

From a grandmother:  “It is all the Supreme Court’s fault.  They set the tone. They are pro-Arab and do not care what happens to us.  It has always been like that.”

From a male voter:  The rule of law is important.  What will the world think if we don’t appear to be just?

From his wife: When you are dealing with such an enemy you can’t afford to pander to world opinion. Do you really think that they cared that we were moral during the Holocaust or any of the wars against us?

From a bank manager:  The media are partly responsible for fanning flames on behalf of the terrorists which enables further murders. Where are our censors in this time of actual war?

The next election will not only see the whole country swinging to the right, it will see much more than that.  Young and old now have an issue which is binding them together as one.  This can very well be the catalyst for major change.  To put it simply, people without power all over the country have had more than enough from the way they perceive the decisions of the Supreme Court, the matter of this soldier and the continuous murders including last week’s bus explosion.

Voters can be expected to turn out in record numbers to vote for change itself compelled by events unfolding right in front of our eyes.  And maybe it is for the best if this change is to come about sooner rather than later.