Self-destruct: Us or them
Self-destruct: Us or them

Strange.  After Belgium there is a kind of silence.  Those continuous Facebook posts blaming Israel and the Jews for everything have mostly gone underground, as journalists lie low, their opinions shattered into smithereens.  

The War of Civilizations is well and truly here, right on our doorstep, for the entire world to see. These are not terror attacks.  This is World War III in its incarnation of the enemy within: an asymmetric war that if not halted has the potential to go nuclear as Iran tests its long-range missiles with their leaders proclaiming “Death to the Jews” and “Death to Israel.”

Time has a way of blunting the past. Hitler was not a madman when he marshalled his people to carry out his plans.  He had a carefully thought-out agenda which we later labelled the personification of evil.  But before the Second World War politicians, intellectuals and decision-makers world-wide did not believe that he could possibly carry out his plans.  No, appeasement was the solution until millions upon millions lay dead on the ground, burnt in ovens and even burnt and buried alive.   

This is the choice: Call it the War that it is, take action to cut the head off the snake by throttling its money and the resource supplies that it lives on.
Then there were the genocides that the world ignored in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Darfur. And the current war in Syria with millions dead, injured or displaced. Life is simply not valued.

Until now massive amounts of money have financed terror in all of its stages of growth.

Many madrassas are financed to promulgate a particular form of Wahhabism that teaches whole populations not to accommodate values that are not their own.

UNRWA finances millions who call themselves Palestinian refugees but are residents of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Gaza who were mostly born there. Most of this money is used for buying military materiel, training troops for warmongering and sending rockets into Israeli civilian areas, not for resettlement. 

Part of the Arab minority in Israel are also financed by UNRWA with money used to brainwash whole generations in UN schools to hate Jews and Israel.

Then there is the Iranian nuclear industry now helped by a United States agreement with financing that is increasing the risk of nuclear war. There are millions being made in so many of these corrupt societies by those in control who stir up the pot, encouraging everyone except for their own children to die for their cause.

Now that the West is paying the price, the story is quite different.  The West has the tools to stop this war in its tracks and allow the enemy to self-destruct. These tools are simply the control of money, the control of gold and the control of resources. Can large-scale murderous activities continue without money?  Of course not. Even trading oil for black money can be stopped when the buyers are nations.  

The average human being in most societies, we would like to  hope, just wants to live out their life peacefully, not to be forced into a war situation.  But either way, remove the money and most of the warmongering will self-destruct. 

 The world’s powers have obviously forgotten the mantra after World War Two and the Holocaust – “Never Again.”  Or was it after the First World War – the Great War – The War to End All Wars?

This is the choice: Call it the War that it is, take action to cut the head off the snake by throttling its money and the resource supplies that it lives on. The alternative is that the West will be responsible for its own self-destruction.

Changing the mindset of its young resident enemy through re-education and tracking killers and their associates after events, as the West honestly believes is should do, is not the solution.

It is the weakness of the West.