Down with David!
Down with David!

Everyone loves the story of David and Goliath. You can’t find a greater Jewish hero than young David.

But wait. After he felled Goliath with his slingshot, when the poor giant was lying helpless on the ground after the slingshot knocked him over, but not definitely dead, David took a sword and cut off the giant’s head!

After he was down, powerless and unconscious, he killed him!

Here are the verses straight from the Bible:

I Samuel, Chapter 17

49.And David stretched his hand into the bag, and took a stone therefrom, and slung it, and he hit the Philistine in his forehead, and the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the ground.:

50. And David overpowered the Philistine with the slingshot and with the stone, and he smote the Philistine and slew him (this is a summary of the operation, ed.): and no sword was in David's hand. 

51. And David ran and stood up to the Philistine, and he took his sword and drew it from its sheath, and slew him, and with it, severed his head. And the Philistines saw that their hero had died, and they fled.

And David is not the only guilty one. What about G-d?
What a disgrace! What a scandal! Instead of becoming the king of Israel, David should have been tried in court and thrown into prison!

How could we have made him such a hero? What kind of example is this?

Even though his deed inspired fear through the ranks of the Philistines and brought peace to the Kingdom of Israel for years, his act was against the morals and combat commands of the armies of Israel - that is, of the IDF -  and they take priority.  

And David is not the only guilty one. What about G-d? How could He appoint David to be king after he committed this despicable deed?! In fact, G-d should be brought to trial for His outrageous love of David.

This terrible story should be erased from the Bible. Every book where this episode appears should be thrown into the trashcan or burned.

Jews wake up! Make signs and rush out to the street to protest. “Down with David!” “Down with David!” “Power to the Philistines!”  “Peace Now!”