For media correspondents: A proposed tour of the Palestinian Authority
For media correspondents: A proposed tour of the Palestinian Authority

Below is the schedule for a proposed tour of the Palestinian Authority:

Day One: A day in the Palestinian Authority classroom, where the official new curriculum that inculcates a new generation of Arab youngsters to conquer all of Palestine would be explored.

Day   Two: A day of following the official news coverage of the PBC radio and TV. Follow those messages of Jihad, as they are conveyed to the Palestinian Arab people, and integrate tens of news clips from the years when CNN forgot to follow the PBC. Note how attacks on Beer Sheva, Hadera and Netanya are justified by the PBC, since these “illegal Jewish settlements” took the place of Arab villages in 1948.

Day Three: A day on the Fatah Social Media – With the most newsworthy praises forthcoming for the latest attacks on Jews. Note the fact that Fatah never recognizes any two state solution.

Day Four : A day of interviewing the official pollsters of the PA who will show how the majority of the Palestinian Arab population justifies suicide bombers in the context of liberating all of Palestine.

Day Five: A day in the life of an UNRWA camp, where thousands of Arabs languish under the premise and promise of the Right of Return. Make sure that you see the Right of Return computer network that operates in UNRWA camps to help Arabs facilitate their return to homes and villages from 1948 that no longer exist.

Day Six  A Friday in PA mosque. Follow the message conveyed on any given Friday in any mosque under the funding and control of the PA. Begin with Jerusalem.

Day Seven : Review the new and official maps of the Palestinian Authority which show all of Palestine as the location of any future Palestinian state.

Day Eight: Interview the Hamas officials who are in the Arafat cabinet. Review the Hamas-PLO accord from December 15, 1995 that incorporated Hamas into the PA and do not forget to mention the PA-Hamas agreement from May 9, 1995 in which the PA agreed to supply weapons to the Hamas. Since hardly any media outlet has  reported the Arafat-Hamas cooperative agreements, all this would be new and newsworthy for the all reporters. .

Day  Nine: Spend a day reviewing Abbas’s s unreported speeches to his own people. Start with his calls for millions of Arabs to sacrifice themselves to liberate Jerusalem.

Day Ten: Visit killers who take refuge in the Palestinian Authority, which  offers a safe haven for anyone who murders a Jew and takes refuge inside the territories run by the PA. Since PA officials, assailants and victims are ready to be interviewed in this regard, this will be quite a salient human interest story for any media outlet.

Actually, you can write all this without the tour, as it is all available on the internet, mostly on Palestinian Arab sites. It might be safer to do it that way and continue to act as if you believe PA press releases and conferences.