The Pope and Islam on Holocaust Remembrance Day
The Pope and Islam on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Europe has always ignored the Jews’ fleeing: it happened during the Holocaust, it happened after the war when the State of Israel was established and the survivors tried to reach it and it happened when the Arab-Islamic states pushed them away.

It is happening again: 10,000 French Jews just left their country to find a house in Israel. These are the other refugees: not the Muslim refugees the European Union is welcoming from Syria, but the Jewish refugees produced by European blindness and anti-Semitism. Nobody talks about them.

Nobody talks about the 200 Jews who left Germany because of the security situation and the rampant Judeophobia.

There is an atmosphere of forsaking Europe regarding Jews. A few days ago, the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union approved a document establishing the principle that “all agreements between Israel and the EU should unequivocally and explicitly indicate the inapplicability in the territories occupied by Israel in 1967”.

A statement so hostile to the Jewish State that it served to push EU ministers to specify that “this is not a boycott of Israel”. It is, it is: after the Israeli products have been tagged with the stigma of “Made in Occupied Territories”, now Europe decided to charge Israel of “occupying” its own soil.

There is a strange synchronicity of signs: while Europe removes sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will celebrate the Day of Remembrance in Europe (27 January ) with another irreverent cartoon contest on the gas chambers, the same Europe is preparing to celebrate the Day of Memory imposing other sanctions, other loneliness, other hate, on the state of the Jews.

On 27 January, Pope Francis intended to visit the mosque in Rome. Couldn’t His Holiness have found a better day to pay homage to Islam than the Holocaust Remembrance Day? Someone must have realized that and the visit was cancelled.