Another year of living dangerously NY to Tel Aviv
Another year of living dangerously NY to Tel Aviv

This is how civilizations begin to disintegrate, by accepting the most outrageous acts as being normal.

Around the world, people frolicked to welcome a New Year as if it’s only natural to be caged in against the threat of terrorism.

The correct term is Islamic terrorism but authorities, certainly the media, would rather keep it simple to keep us in the dark.

In many places around the world police, soldiers and other security personnel nearly outnumbered the revelers. People were herded into zones; roped in and boxed in for safety. Everyone had to submit to being frisked. Some countries simply banned New Year’s and warned citizens to keep clear of crowds.

Nowadays we call that normal. People barely notice that because of Islamic terrorism, everything has changed.

We’ve grown accustomed to being frightened…even Jewish people for whom there is nothing new about this New Year. We’ve already had Rosh Hashanah.

Here in New York, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton came on the air to tell us to go, have fun, enjoy. Don’t worry. Be happy. The police have us covered.

True. The cops were everywhere. Bless them. Extra units were deployed. For Times Square you practically needed a passport to get in.

Checkpoints everywhere and everyone a suspect and thank you Islam for taking the safety and joy out of our lives. Of the millions around the world who had to pass through checkpoints, possibly no one realized that the entire world is in the same boat with Israel. It’s the same threat all over coming from the same savages requiring the same roadblocks.

If it takes an army to let us celebrate ourselves, we lost.
We were ordered to be fearless because if we show fear they win, we lose. Well, we lost. If it takes an army to let us celebrate ourselves, we lost.

If we have to be fenced in to sing, dance and make merry, we’re whistling past the graveyard. We are frightened.

What used to be strange and unthinkable -- entire continents jittery about the next trick from Islamic extremists -- is now routine.

We expect the worst and that is why Munich had to be partly shut down and go dark for the New Year festivities. There were threats that a bombing may be imminent anywhere throughout Germany and this too has become normal ever since Merkel began redressing the Holocaust by importing six million replacement Muslims. 

Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain, England, all Europe had the quivers about a New Year’s gathering, or any gathering that might tempt Bad Islam, -- as opposed to the other Islam, which we are assured is good and noble and peace loving if and when we ever get the luxury to tell them apart.

Most times, like Paris, San Bernardino and Friday in Tel Aviv, it’s too late.

As of this writing two Israelis were killed by an Arab terrorist and more wounded. This happened at a café in Dizengoff Street – and it keeps on happening throughout the Jewish State, a trend of Palestinian Arab barbarity that is beginning to disgust even the American news media.

The Tel Aviv killer was indistinguishable from any other customer until he began to shoot.

But even as we cannot tell the one from the other, we in the West keep bringing them in wholesale. In Allah we trust.

Trudeau wants them. Obama can’t get enough of them. We are given no choice when our leadership toss the dice and gamble with our lives.

Let’s not be puzzled about how we came to accept as normal a world turned upside down through savagery, butchery and mindless brutishness.

It began in Israel when nobody cared so long as “only Jews” were getting killed, so why bother making a fuss? It’s normal.

Let the Jews die, said the world. We are safe. Can’t happen to us. We are not Israelis. They deserve what’s coming. Radical Islam is their problem.

Sorry to rub it in, Dear World, but now who’s got the problem – a problem that could have been stopped if people had cared?

But the world cared nothing when, back on March 2002, Israel suffered its own 9/11. Palestinian Arab Islamist gunmen invaded a Passover Seder in Netanya. They fired helter-skelter until they had 30 Jewish worshippers slaughtered. Israel wept. The world shrugged.

The news media gave it scant coverage, and conditionally so, naming it about a regional dispute and the “Palestinian struggle for independence.”

So they said, and said so again when weeks later another group of Arab terrorists “struggled for independence” by rampaging a Jewish family in Adura, murdering four, including a five-year-old. This was Danielle Shefi whose memory, and how she died, still haunts Israel and those who love Israel and decency.

Witnessing the horror, the child ran to her bedroom, clutched her favorite doll for dear life and hid under the covers – and we’d rather not imagine what happened next. No, we cannot process such cruelty as we watch Danielle sinking herself deeper into her bed as she hears footsteps drawing closer.

Daneille Shefi
Daneille ShefiINN:YS

From around the world, mostly silence. Too bad, said The New York Times. That’s the way it goes, said CNN. Tough luck, said the BBC.

No concern of ours, said the world. Not our business.

But now who’s cowering under the covers?

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the prophetic thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: