It happened during the latest Democratic Presidential Debate. Hillary Clinton professed that ISIS was using videos of Donald Trump as recruiting tool. If true, if Trump’s video performances are an effective recruiting tool for ISIS; if amiable Muslims can be transformed from peace-loving folks into vicious killers by the words of one loud celebrity; if Muslims, world-wide, are like gasoline lying in wait for a lit match, then this is a worrisome phenomenon we all have to take into account when confronting an unfamiliar if Muslim, the only information we have is his/her religious affiliation.  

If Muslims, world-wide, are like gasoline lying in wait for a lit match, then this is a worrisome phenomenon...
In a strange way, if Hillary’s claims are right, then Trump’s position, banning Muslims from entering the US, is spot-on. If so many Muslims can be transformed effortlessly into ISIS murderers, or even just sympathizers, then even in the absence of Trump’s videos, these people may very well be readily radicalized at some point by someone or something else. These Muslims may be dangerous, and they should be treated with suspicion.

As of this writing, Hillary Clinton’s assertions have not been proven true. As far as we know, ISIS has not, or has not yet, employed Trump’s videos in their recruiting efforts. Does that mean that Clinton’s conclusion was erroneous, or even deceptive? Does that fact imply that Trump went too far, that he was wrong when demanding a ban on Muslims’ entry to the US? Can we infer from that lack of evidence that Trump’s positions are not and will not be used for radicalizing Muslims?

No. Of course not!

Hillary Clinton believes that Muslims are being radicalized and indoctrinated with hate toward the West by being schooled on the ideas that Americans, Europeans and Jews in particular are the arch enemies of Islam; she believes that Trump’s statements serve to reinforce these (what she believes to be) false allegations. Consequently, even though ISIS has not (or has not yet) employed Trump’s videos in their recruiting efforts, these videos have the potential of becoming unofficial recruiting tools by individuals who become self-radicalized by reading mind-poisoning material, watching sickening videos and/or having discussions with other ISIS sympathizers. And Trump’s statements offer potentially hot-stuff inside this recruiting category.

In conclusion, by criticizing Trump, Hillary Clinton has let us in on her beliefs concerning Muslims. She has told us that many ISIS recruits are Muslims who can easily become radicalized by anti-Muslim rhetoric. Although she did not specify it, she singled out Muslims (she did not believe that Christians or Jews share the same psyche). She has shared Trump’s beliefs and suspicions while failing to recognize it.

Don’t we all?