Feminists boycott Israel and bow to the Caliph
Feminists boycott Israel and bow to the Caliph

What better enemy than the Islamic State to be condemned in the largest conference of feminists of North America, that ISIS that kidnaps, sells and rapes women under its control, cages them under the burqa and uses them as cannon fodder in suicide operations?

And if Caliph al Baghdadi doesn’t affect the audience of militant feminists enough, why not condemning the crimes against women in the Iranian theocracy, which prohibits long nails, gems in the teeth, tight coats, scarves that leave out long hair and boots with heels over pants?

Of course not. The National Women's Studies Association chose an enemy much more fulfilling and less dangerous: the State of Israel. The only country in the Middle East where women hold prestigious positions in politics, culture, activities social, from Golda Meir to Nobel laureates to Tzipi Livni. And if you were to cross the lines of 1967 just ask the Palestinian Arab women if they live better in Ramallahor in Riyadh, what answer do you think you would get?

The feminists of the National Women's Studies Association voted for a boycott of Israeli colleagues and the institutions of the Jewish state. As Professor Simona Sharon saidi to Inside Higher Ed, "90 percent of members of the National Women's Studies Association voted the resolution". "The vote is a betrayal of reality and women, especially women who live under the Sharia”, Phyllis Chesler, long time feminist and author, told me. “The association does not condemn the atrocities perpetrated on women by Hamas, IS, Boko Haram, Taliban. Nothing on the pervasive female genital mutilation and marriage childhood in the Arab-Islamic world. Nothing on the terrible fate of women who dare to choose their husbands. Israel is not a feminist heaven, but women are fighting for their rights, and if our feminist counterparts would do the same in Mecca, Mogadishu, Tehran, Islamabad and Kabul, would be imprisoned, raped, tortured, beheaded or stoned. Feminists are cowardly and conformist in their perfidy”.

It was a Jewish Canadian entrepreneur, Steve Maman, who saved hundreds of Yazidi girls from sexual slavery under ISIS. It is the paradox indicated by Phyllis Chesler: “Christians, not the feminists, saved these girls”.

It is the paradox of feminism which is militant against “obscurantism” in the Catholic Church but silent on the submission of Muslim women; a feminism ardent about the gender ideology but also supports the Islamic veil as “emancipation”; a feminism which boycott the “occupation” of Israel but it is mute and blind about the occupation of female bodies in the Arab-Islamic world.

Thousands of Yazidi girls, segregated and tied to the bed of the Caliph, are now asking the National Women's Studies Association: why do you boycott the only free society in the Middle East and keep silent about our persecutors?