It's Jihad, Europe!
It's Jihad, Europe!

“Those people are not coming to Europe to live; they are coming to die”.

After Friday November 13, 2015, we are living in a different reality. The reality of a switched off Eiffel tower, evacuated Hanover stadium, shut down Brussels subway, and tanks on the deserted streets of the capital of the European Union.   The people in the West are struggling to live a normal life in surreal circumstances, their minds pulsating with a flashing diagnosis: It's Jihad, Europe!..

The fifteen lost years: 2000-2015

The escalating real and imminent danger to millions of Europeans did not strike the West out of the blue. It was all building up starting from the 9/11 attacks in New York and is a part of the existing strategy of radical Islam from the end of 1980s on. The success of the 9/11 attack had been a major and victorious landmark of this strategy, major encouragement to the forces of darkness.

But contrary to common sense and despite existing information about the radical Islamists’ plans and the list of their mounting activities, the Islamization of Europe – and the West, still in progress – was allowed to happen, both by the dangerously blinded Western leadership and by a largely naive public.

It is irrelevant to blame the special services for this. With all their shortcomings and occasional failures, the special services, especially the strong ones of the UK, Germany and some other Western European countries – France included - as well as the able special services of Canada and Australia  -  work day and night, with good results information-wise. The problem is what the special services are allowed - or not allowed - to do by their political bosses, by their countries’ leadership. And here is the core of the problem with regard to really fighting a war on terror.   

Soon after the 9/11 disaster, from 2003 on, as the experts were realizing how little had been done in practice to prevent the spread of militant Islam, several senior analysts tried consistently to wake up the Western leadership to very real risks of the steady process of the radical Islamist penetration into Western societies – see my article on the issue “Europe: A Dangerous Place to Live”. This analysis has been widely cited in many books and dissertations on counter-terrorism, both in popular and professional publications. At the time of the analysis' publication, its headline was widely perceived as ‘a bold metaphor’. Just 12 years on, this line has become a very much-used statement in the media, a development that I deeply regret.

Further on, alerted by radical Islam’s swamping Europe, my colleagues and I continued thoroughly examining the origins, realities and implications of the process that resulted in the report: Islamization of Europe: The Origin, Process, Objections and Implications, presented by myself at the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC in early 2013.

I have never been so depressed in my professional life as I became while working on and upon finishing that paper. The reality of the danger posed by radical Islam all over the world, in particular, in Europe and the West in general was so graphic – and so meticulously documented -  that it did not leave much room for hope that it would not erupt. It was almost three years ago. But again, nothing was done to act and to prevent Europe’s blood-baths.

If General al-Sisi would not have come to rescue his country, the nucleus of the Middle East, from living according to the  Middle-Ages dictum of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Jihad in Europe would have started in 2013, according to the detailed documented data gathered by the leading anti-terror experts. Still, general al-Sisi is regarded as a ‘dictator’ by many Western decision-makers.

Meanwhile, President Obama is steadily promoting one of his favourite aides, Rashad Hussain, to top positions in the US Administration, such as the US Special Envoy and Coordinator at the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. The aide in question has been asserted by the US law-enforcement agencies as having strong links to the Muslim Brotherhood. And he is just one of several key operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood who are consistently welcomed by the current US Administration.   

Following the publication of the paper on the Islamization of Europe back in early 2013, my good and responsible colleagues at the European Parliament - there were some of them then, although in the minority - were alarmed and intended to call a serious policy-making seminar at the European Parliament to tackle this looming acute threat. The seminar was to issue a policy paper on that vital matter. The seminar never happened, neither was drafting a policy paper ever discussed officially. The reason fpr that non-action was the blatant unwillingness to touch the issue on the part  of European bureaucrats of the second and third echelon. And, unlike myself and my good and brave friends and MEP-colleagues, they seemed to be frightened by the threats they received.         

As recently, as in the July 2014, I published a new analysis, Hate is All Over the Islamicised West -  explaining the motivation of the radical Islamists based in Europe and warning of the imminent danger of a possible Jihad explosion there. This is the one of those cases when it feels really bad to turn out to be correct.

After working on the matter for over twenty years, I have to emphasize that after the shock of the terror attack on US soil on 9/11, the last fifteen years which could have been utilized to prevent the explosion of violence in Europe have been lost by the Western community.  

Jihad in Europe: Here and now

What has triggered the explosion of Jihad in Europe right now? Who made it possible? Who practically invited it to happen?

As shocking as it sounds, some of the key Western governments and the general ineptness of the Western leadership towards militant radical Islam were an essential pre-condition of the unfolding siege of Europe.

Despite all alarming information gathered by the BND and MAD, the German counter-intelligence service, presented to the German Chancellor, in early September 2015 frau Merkel had made a mistake of her life. The calibre of that mistake is unprecedented in the newest European history. It literally has put the lives not only of over 80 million of Germans but of 750 million of Europeans at jeopardy of terrifying scale.

Just prior to Merkel’s infamous statement opening the borders of Germany to Syrian refugees, several very senior German law-enforcement officials were either fired, or pushed towards abrupt and premature retirement, including the very senior federal prosecutor and several other top law-enforcement officials who sharply disagreed with Merkel’s extremely dangerous policy of opening Germany’s, and effectively, European borders to the stream of uncontrollable immigrants from the Middle East.

It is no secret  - and has never been a secret - that among the multi-million strong stream of refugees there are far too many Islamist radicals with their own agenda and purpose in coming to Europe. One simply had to be honest about it.  Maybe, Merkel has been in office too long. It is a known phenomena that top politicians who are in office for an extended time lose focus and become detached from the reality. The tragedy of her fatal mistake is that she virtually took all Europe hostage for the sake of the militant and violent strangers being invited to invade. Remember those sugary selfies of celebrating Muslim males on German soil with Frau Chancellor? She even did free PR for them.   

With her September 2015 suicidal political adventure, Merkel switched on a similar decision-making among the leadership of the EU Commission, the ultimate masters of the old continent nowadays. If Germany would choose another way of handling the refugee issie, the EU leadership would follow it accordingly. As the result, the entire continent with its 750 million citizens has been literally forced by their own governments into a living nightmare.

There are many shocking videos and TV footage of the refugees invading Europe that we have been seeing daily for a several months now. These facts have been summarized by some as the ‘forced collective suicide of Europe’. This is an invasion, and one has to be totally blind to call it anything else.

As with other invasions, this one has been orchestrated and carried out down to the smallest detail, and the special services in every country has full details of this aggressive migration which began and received much help from Turkey. The German Chancellor, caught red-handed, metaphorically speaking, with the most blatant misjudgement, has tried hard to influence her Turkish counter-part to size down the multi-million stream of refugees, to no avail. This is now a win-win situation for Turkey and its president Erdogan, and a lose-lose one for Merkel and the entire Europe.

How could an experienced politician become so utterly irresponsible, so dangerously unreasonable, so openly blind? Experts have several several explanations for Merkel’s blow to humanity. It includes her strong desire to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize - she is idealistic enough to value the prize as it was valued by many of us in her youth; it also includes her very pragmatic intention to get to the top of the world's power by being nominated as the next UN General Secretary. Those who are familiar with the inside story of Merkel’s rise to power, are not surprised by any of it for a minute.

Her fatal blindness is also attributed to her wish to believe in those good – in general – sides of the character of the suppressed believer (she is the daughter of the pastor in DDR, mission impossible for both her father and herself) who did not have many chances to apply those good principles in the very hard world of power. Whatever she meant to, she failed catastrophically. The worst part of it is that the prize for a mistake of one individual will be paid by millions, and has already claimed 130 lives in Paris.  And she still does not get it, publicly, at least.   

Even after the fact that the Chancellor cortege had to make a U-turn on the way to the Hanover stadium after receiving precise information on the imminent attack at the very last moment, Merkel did not utter a word on the character of the averted multiple attack on German soil although German authorities received from their French colleagues five names of Islamic terrorists, all of whom migrated to Europe at different times.  

According to the German media (Der Spiegel, Die Welt and the others), there is no  question that Angela Merkel will lose the elections next year; she is hearing demands to resign now, and there is a rapidly growing number of  sympathisers with this steadily intensifying call.

The tragedy of a full-scale jihad in Europe is that it is not just the German Chancellor, or the totally incompetent leadership of the EU Commission who have literally brought the plague to their continent by themselves. Apart from the UK, the leadership of vast majority of  Western European countries have played a terrible role in bringing despair and open and imminent danger upon their own citizens.

And even after the carnage in Paris, defiant in his support of the Islamic cause, President Hollande had the guts to state that 30,000 more Syrian refugees will be welcomed to France. When lunacy is a private hobby, it is an individual's right; but when an individual happens to be on duty, and the duty happens to be presidency over the French Republic, it mean 66 million French citizens are to be forced to share the lunacies of their leader.

Among the price of those lunacies are costumes and chemical warfare equipment stolen in Paris, and imposed heavy military presence at the Paris water supply facilities, with the French prime minister Valls’ warning to the French public about possible chemical or bacteriological attacks by the terrorists. Islamic radical terrorists.  

There are live military exercises of the British Royal Marine commandos on UK ferries as there is a reason to believe that the ferries might become the other subject of the attack – by the Islamic radical terrorists. There are also controlled explosions on the packed by people malls in Kent  - for the same reason.

We are watching a hand-made terror thriller non-stop. We are playing in it, as a matter of fact.  Forced to play with our lives, by our idiotic, inept governments.

Just a week after the Paris attacks, the Belgian government which obviously is not in favour of taking any chances, had virtually shut down Brussels trying to detect several terrorists – Islamic radical terrorists – who are believed to be planning an imminent attack. Only after the terror threat was become officially adopted as the highest one for Belgium, did the country’s interior minister express his ‘wish’ to inspect every household in Mollenbeck, the primarily Muslim district in Brussels that has become the terrorist Mecca of Europe. Think about the degree of total administrative dismay in which the capital of the European Union, rather symbolically, has found itself.  

It is there, to Mollenbeck, that the UK dangerous terrorist, an accomplice of Jihadi-John, escaped successfully earlier in 2015, after the UK authorities lifted their close 5-year’ surveillance of him. The question is not about lifting the surveillance. There could be various operative reasons for that. The question is 5 years of passively allowing a dangerous Islamic terrorist to operate inside a free democratic Western society. This is the fundamental issue of the West's hopeless attitude towards the Islamic terrorists in its midst. Hopeless, blind, and lethal – as everybody is having the pleasure to observe live.

Preconditions: A blind eye turned on reality

In retrospect, the current explosion of refugees on European soil originated from Italy a few years ago when the Italian authorities could not keep their border, an external border of the European Union, intact.  For a number of reasons, not the least of them rapidly changing governments, all from left to central left, the Italians were unable to prevent the crushing waves of illegal immigrants to the Italian shore and islands. Illegal is a key word there.

As all special services know, the problem with guarding its border always had been the weakest point in the entire Italian security system. To aggravate the situation, under the leftist governments, the Italian special services had been disbanded and re-structured dramatically, with very negative and long-lasting effects. It disarmed the country’s abilities to contain the dangerous elements among the uncontrollable stream of refugees – and ‘refugees’.  

Using the so-called ‘Italian model’ for the next wave of immigration, those forces who had been orchestrating it modelled the nightmare which has covered Europe. The ‘Italian model’ means portraying the illegal invaders as a casualty of humanitarian catastrophe and playing the cards accordingly.

So today we have mushroomed from the original ‘Italian shell’ to the Greek model’, ‘Balkan model’, ‘Russian model’ of all those ‘refugees’. How very simple and efficient of them. And how certifiably stupid and pathetically irresponsible of us.

The current governments of many European countries are to bear responsibility in creating the conditions for the explosion of the Islamic Jihad in Europe today; and expectedly, the more left those governments are, the worse the security situation there has become with regard to radical Islam.

According to the security professionals, "there is not the slightest coincidence in the fact that among all Islamists from Europe fighting in Syria and elsewhere today, more than half are from France. Moreover, the terrible (security) threat is the fact that they, apart from very rare exceptions, come and go back and forth almost freely. It is not good enough to know a potential terrorist's name. It is just absolutely against rules of security to let those who did fight in the Middle East on the side of militant Islam to be allowed back to the country which contains their European or any other Western residence. It is insane” - many top counter-terrorism experts, like Eric Stakelbeck and Morten Storm have said time and again. In vain.

And it is no coincidence that Belgium has become the centre of the Islamist jihadists today – the Belgian special service is pathetically small and under-resourced.

We cried with France over 130 and possibly more victims of the carnage in Paris, but we have to be crystal clear on the understanding that it is this Hollande government that had been repeatedly warned to stop appeasing an incredible amount of French radical Islamists and start to do something real against them to protect French citizens. They bear full responsibility for fatal siege of Paris. For five years they followed one of the terrorists – why? until the 13th November attack?  

All serious experts on radical Islam, people like Morgen Storm who infiltrated the highest command of Al-Qaeda and has studied Islam for ten years non-stop, are telling the Western authorities: “Those people are not coming to Europe and the West to live. They are coming to die”. Why on earth did Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, and all the rest of the Western leaders not have the sense of responsibility to listen? Western European leadership has failed in its most important duty, that is, to provide security and safety for their citizens.

But how can even the best intentions to limit Islamic radical threat be realistically carried on when the current government of Greece is enthusiastically letting all the hordes coming from the Middle East and Africa to get into Europe without bearing any responsibility for flooding the continent with hundreds and thousands of potential terrorists?

According to the MI5 officially aired calculations, ‘every two in a hundred of current migrants are connected with ISIS.’ Not aired publicly, but far more precise data shows ‘at least 10% of entering Europe immigrants from the Middle East and Africa are connected to ISIS/” Does the Greek government care who they are letting into Europe en masse? Even if they know, the best one can expect from them and their services is information to their colleagues on some of the suspects. Post-factum, as happened in the case of the Paris attacks.

The Scandinavian countries are known for lenience towards the Islamic radicalism threat in general, but now they also went too far on that extremely dangerous path. Norway simply disarmed their policemen – as they had produced an assessment that “the security situation has been improved now” – supposedly, after Breivick’s shooting spree a couple of years ago. The assessment and the decision on disarming the police occurred in mid-November 2015, in the midst of the non-stop flow of refugees into Norway, day and night. How one can be so fundamentally stupid? 

In Sweden, the leftist government is doing everything in its power to welcome and accommodate young strong males from the Middle East to such an extent that the friendly Danish leftist government has decided to close the border with its sister country in order to handle the non-stop ocean of refugees - somehow. Only after that, facing an overwhelming amount of refugees, the Swedish prime-minister admitted publicly in his interview to The Financial Times that they, the government, were ‘naive’ in their assessments. It is nice of him, to emphasise their good will, but it is not the whole truth. The Swedish line towards Palestinians and the other terrorists – Islamic radical ones – is fairly consistent and aired regularly by their super-partisan foreign minister Mme Wallstrom. She even proudly wears the Islamic Crescent pendant on her neck, and did so publicly after the Paris attacks – note the photos available.

Wallstrom with Pendant
Wallstrom with PendantINN:RC

Finland, too, is trying to regulate the uncontrollable stream of refugees coming from Sweden, but not with much success. Additionally, the Finnish premiere who is a good and believing person, but one without much experience in international policy, and who did act spontaneously and emotionally, prompted by tragic personal reasons, and publicly invited the refugees to his house, literally to his house. What better PR scheme to get potential terrorists on to European soil?

Analysing the activities of Western European leaders with regard to handling the refugee crisis in 2015, one just cannot help being totally taken aback by their ability to do everything in their power to put their own citizens in danger. Mortal danger, for the record.

The trans-Atlantic dimension

And what can we, law-abiding citizens of the Western world, hope to get by way of support to the largely lost European governments in their never -really-started-fight against international terrorism looking across the Atlantic Ocean? The most depressing picture of all, it must be observed.

We have the American president who, on top of all his long and astounding record of appeasement of radical Islam in the world does-not-matter-what, did ‘not want to speculate on who was behind the terror’ carnage in Paris where the perpetrators were screaming Allah Akbar! madly.

In amazingly revealing interview the very morning of the November 13th attack, the same president with all his trade-marked aplomb confided happily to the old friend of Clintons, George Stephanopolus on his ABC TV show that in the opinion of the president of the USA, he ‘did not think that ISIS has been gaining power’, but rather to the contrary, ‘we did contain it’. As Michael Freund noted, during his statement on the carnage in Paris, which claimed the death of at least one US citizen, USA President Barack Hussein Obama did not use the following words at all: “Muslim”, “Islam”, “Jihad”, “Islamic State”. In the West we live in a giant theatre of the absurd.  

And of course, the same president is pushing hard to get his program to accept up to 100 thousands Syrian refugees into the USA during two months despite of healthy negative response to that by over 30 states of the country.

From one side, I do think that it is responsible decision of the current US Administration. They indeed, did create such a chaos in the Middle East, that the US should bear a primary responsibility for the refugees from the region. But from the point of view of the US citizens, it is the same suicidal games as frau Merkel has initiated in Europe. We have some luck to live under masochistic leadership, it shall be stated.

No wonder that more than a half of the American public is sharply against that recent ‘Christmas gift’ to them from their president. Maybe, US democracy is stronger than the European one, and common sense will prevail there? – one hopes in overwhelming despair.

The change of political guard in two other big and important countries across the Ocean certainly does not add anything positive to the prospects of security and safety of the West. After two terms of steady, friendly, human, decent and stable conservative government in Canada, the voters there decided to change it all in favour of youngish inexperienced political demagogue Mess Trudeau Jr. One of the very first steps has has made is to announce of acceptance of ‘at least’ 25 000 Syrian refugees into the country ‘before the end of this year’. And how many are planned for next year? one wonders.

Canadian Premier and friends
Canadian Premier and friendsINN:IR

The first statement of the Canadian prime-minister elect was the one on  withdrawing the Canadian jets from the US-led coalition trying to fight ISIS. His first decision after the Islamic jihad started in Europe was to fly up to 900 Syrian refugees into Canada and agree up to 900 Syrian refugees – and ‘ refugees’ – daily. Such a devotion to Islam demonstrated by its recently elected leader. But it comes as no surprise for the experts. The devotion of Justin Trudeau to Islam is well known and well enough documented. It poses serious questions, too.

Coming in the same worrisome motion, in the case of Australia  it was the country’s former prime minister Tony Abbot who did come forward with an adequate statement while the recently changed liberal Mr Thurnbull did not utter a word about what has happened in Paris, thus in Europe, thus in the world.

 What the West has on its hands now with regard to its leadership is that, except the current leadership of the UK, there are promising combinations of bad and even worse leaders -  those who are unable to comprehend the threat posed by militant Islam, and those who support Islam in general and appease it, including the militant part of it.

Turning to Israel

Ironically, French, Russian, German and the other counter-terror officials, and many international experts on the field are turning to Israel for its expertise, understanding and knowledge of radical Islam. In the recent cased of the terrorist attacks against Russia and France, it was the Israeli intelligence that provided crucial information and did help both Russian and French authorities.

More and more often one can hear nowadays in both public commentaries and quiet professional talks that “Israelis has to be contacted”, “We shall use the Israeli models and approach”, “ We should ask Israeli colleagues for help”. How really dramatic life is: Israel has gained its knowledge and experience with an incredibly high price. Israeli citizens are attacked and murdered almost daily. Unlike the world-swiping passionate sentiments for the victims in Paris, most of the very same Western media that has done such a good job on the Paris attacks and German and Brussels would-be-attacks, are either distorting the truth about Israel being under the siege of the Palestinian terror, or ignoring the very fact of it.

Still, Israel and its people did show exemplary solidarity with France ,showing to the world once again, and not for the sake of a demonstration, on what moral principles the Jewish state is based and lives on.  

Europe and the Western world are not as we knew it, after radical Islamic terror zapped Paris on the night of November 13th 2015, and threatened Germany and Belgium immediately after that. “We are at war”, –  saythe citizens of Europe, – “We are under attack”.

The fact is that the attack has just started. Jihad has exploded into the face of the Western world and in the very heart of it. They have no intention of stopping or to slowing down. And the leaders of the West have to start to fulfil the most essential of their duties  - to protect the right for life of the citizens of free, not yet quite Islamisized world.

Dr Inna Rogatchi is writer, scholar, political analyst, and senior adviser on the international affairs. She is the author of the internationally acclaimed film The Lessons of Survival, and her forthcoming book is on Personal Reflections on the Holocaust in the Modern Times. More on Inna Rogatchi and her work – at The Rogatchi Foundation –, and Rogatchi Films –