The New Israel Fund and those who support it are helping terrorists
The New Israel Fund and those who support it are helping terrorists

Israel National News reported, as did all of Israeli media, that the Palestinian Arab terrorist who killed a Jewish father and son Friday was turned in by his own father and brother to Israeli security services – they admitted that were concerned that if they did not, their homes would be destroyed.

Israeli security forces arrested the suspected murderer, who killed 40-year old Yaakov Litman and his 18-year old son Netanel who were en route to a pre-wedding celebration (Sarah, Yaakov's daughter and Netanel's sister, was to be married this Tuesday. The wedding has been postponed).

Even for Israeli security, this was a quick feat – and it saved who knows how many lives, time and resources for security – and it happened because Israel’s policy of destroying the homes of terrorists works. It scared the father and brother of an Islamic Jihad would-be-martyr.

The suicide terrorist commits suicide – and he needs to know a price will be paid by those left behind. 

Israel saves human lives – and deters jihadists by letting them know their families' homes will be the price paid for their acts. Each demolition is vetted by the courts, even though that means a delay.

And while Israeli soldiers protect Israel, and most American Jews stand with Israel, there remain those who fund the legal battles of the families of terrorists who wish to prevent this deterrent from being used.

Can there be a clearer example of standing with terrorists? 

The New Israel Fund (NIF), a radical New York organization, is a primary funder of leftist NGO efforts to prevent the demolition of terrorists' homes who have recently carried out attacks killing Israelis. And in looking at the 2013 Annual Report of the New Israel Fund, it shows that nine congregations have given to the NIF. Does the word "Israel" in its name fool them? The information is out there for all to see.

Congregants of Temple Beth El of Santa Cruz, Calif.; Tzedakah Hevra at Congregation Beth El in Sudbury, Mass.; Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun in Wisconsin; Kehila Chadasha of Bethesda, Md.; Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia; Temple Beth Avodah of Newton Center, Mass.; Temple Shalom of Newton, Mass.; Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco; and Temple Israel in White Plains, N.Y., are standing with the families of terrorists.

Irwin and Joan Jacobs, The Irving Harris Foundation, Eric Dobkin, Susie and Michael Gelman, Dr. Gabor Herman and Alisa Doctoroff of UJA-Federation should know that this time the fear of demolition resulted in the terrorist's family coming forth and saving lives – no thanks to the New Israel Fund.