The Jews may be the first, but it never stops there
The Jews may be the first, but it never stops there

Israeli and French Jews are murdered, but the world is silent.  At worst, President Obama and other presidents label the terrorist attacks part of a “cycle of violence” that perversely equates the Palestinian terrorist murder of innocent Israelis with those defending themselves against Palestinian Molotov cocktails and bullets. 

But when non-Jewish Frenchmen are murdered by Islamist crazies because the Iranian Shiites are murdering the Syrian Sunnis in Syria, the UN Security Council labels the terrorism “barbaric” and "heinous".  Sorry, it doesn't wash.  You can’t have “good terrorism” against Jews and “bad terrorism” against non-Jews. When the world rewarded Palestinian terrorism, it validated terrorism against all peoples.

All the current terrorism can be traced to the world’s rewarding the Palestinians for their wanton butchery of Jews.  Take for instance, the Palestinian terrorist 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre of Israeli athletes.  What did the world do in response? Did it condemn Arafat, and all the Palestinian murderers for their bloodthirsty barbarity?  Of course not!  The Palestinian monsters, funded by their terrorist-paymaster, the current Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, had only murdered Israeli Jews.  So, instead of the Palestinians being denounced, the world invited Yasser Arafat to speak at the United Nations in 1974 and gave "Palestine" representation at the UN.  When Yasser Arafat ascended the podium at the United Nations, the world taught terrorists that terrorist murder is legitimate, and wins big.

But the world didn’t stop there.  For 40 years, the world hasn’t stopped rewarding the monstrous Palestinian terrorists for their terrorism.  The world has only given the Palestinian terrorists bigger and bigger prizes for their wanton barbarity.  They gave them Gaza and large parts of Judea and Samaria from which the Palestinians perpetrate improved acts of terror including terror wars with rockets. 

Does the world castigate Hamas when they fire rockets into civilian Israel areas or commit terror attacks from the Gaza Strip or Judea and Samaria?  Of course not, after all they are only murdering Jews. To the world, including President Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, a terror murder of a Jew is a “good terrorist” murder that doesn’t warrant condemnation.  They can’t openly praise the Palestinian terrorists, so they usually keep quiet.  But their message is crystal-clear, terrorism against Israelis Jews is acceptable and justified.

Instead, the world’s leaders put pressure on Israel to reward the Palestinian terrorists with land from which the Palestinian terrorists will more easily perpetrate larger and more lethal terrorist attacks.  What’s worse, the United Nations and its band of holier-than-thou countries come up with the Orwellian charade that this constitutes a “peace-process” when everyone knows it’s a terror-process. 

But the world’s terrorists are not idiotic Western diplomats.  They see the reward for Palestinian terrorism for what it is - a fantastic reward for murdering people.  And the world doesn’t just reward Palestinian barbarity.  When the United Nations (and by extension all the world’s countries) create a “Palestinian State,” they are actually legitimizing a “Terror State” which has only one purpose: to annihilate Israel.  And what’s good for Palestinian terrorists is good for all Islamic terrorists.

Therefore, all the countries of the world have a simple choice. They can either continue to reward barbaric Palestinian terrorism against Israel, and expect the Islamic terrorists to attack other countries with the same bloodthirsty pathology with which they attack Israel.  Or, reject all Palestinian terror and any Palestinian State built on terror. 

The world must prove that terrorism will not be rewarded, and instead will be mercilessly punished for what it is: pure, unadulterated evil.  Otherwise, expect Islamic terrorism to explode in a theater near you.