Europe – and echoes from the past
Europe – and echoes from the past

As a million anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist migrants flood Europe they find a host continent in support of their anti-Israel passion.

As Jews commemorate Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, when Nazi brown-shirts burnt Jewish books, burnt down synagogues with Jews inside, and led a boycott against Jewish businesses; European politicians are drafting a plan to stick another Yellow Star on Jewish products from Judea & Samaria. 

They call it 'labeling West Bank products' but this takes no account of the fact that, as a result of any permanent peace agreement which is impossible given the anti-Semitic, rejectionist and violent character of the Palestinians, both the Barkan and Mishor Adumim industrial areas will remain as an integral part of Israel. 

These factories give gainful employment to hundreds of Arabs who work alongside Israeli Jews.

Yet, the European Union seeks to brand Israel with a discrimination they fail to employ against any other country.

Why is it that they were so passionately against the notion that Berlin should be divided...and equally passionate about...dividing Jerusalem?They take no consideration of the fact that they were witnesses, in effect guarantors, of the Oslo Accords that gave Israel the authorized civil and military administration over what is known as Area C in the disputed territories.

When their double standard and delegitimization tactics are used exclusively against the Jewish state it can only been seen by fair-minded thinkers as a resurrection of European Kristallnacht.

Some fair-minded European politicians joined their Israeli counterparts in Berlin to forge a push-back against the impending EU policy against Israel.

Although European bureaucrats would deny their steps are in any way anti-Semitic, their blatant double standards does raise questions. 

Why is it that they were so passionately against the notion that a major city like Berlin should be divided and celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall as a historically significant event, yet they are equally passionate about dividing another major city – Jerusalem?

Anti-Semitism is now rife throughout Europe. It is targeted mainly against Israel. It seems, from an Israeli perspective, there can be no other explanation of European politicians turning their backs on facts and Israel while pressing an agenda that puts back peace and any chance of a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, except it is forged out of a biased political mind-set they fail to apply to other global trouble-spots.

The Palestinian Arab mind-set, by the way, is the same that is shared by the vast majority of Europe’s new immigrants.

As they grudgingly accept hundreds of thousands of Middle East migrants that they admit will put an insufferable strain on their future, they make demands of Israel to surrender essential security and territory to accommodate an enemy bent on our destruction. This also would put an insufferable strain on our future.

It is up to Israel to display the wit and the will to resist this European pressure, because the Europeans, as with much of what they are doing to themselves and to us, are simply wrong.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies.   He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’