No, Netanyahu has not become a Holocaust denier
No, Netanyahu has not become a Holocaust denier

No, Benjamin Netanyahu has not become a Holocaust denier. The Israeli Prime Minister has taken lessons of history from all the Western commentators, the same ones who, coincidentally, lose their pens whenever the Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threatens a new Holocaust against the Jewish people.

Bibi’s “sin” is bringing to the attention of the international public the figure of Haj Amin al Husseini, the most important “Palestinian” figure between the two world wars, the Mufti of Jerusalem whose history, until now, was known only to just a few insiders.

Netanyahu indicated something unacceptable for historians, politicians and journalists: that the root of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is not the “occupation”, but the jihad, the holy war that has lasted for 90 years. To be exact, since August 23,1929, when the Mufti launched a pogrom of Jews in Hevron and Jerusalem, the cities even today most affected by the Third Intifada, when the Arabs hunted the Jews and killed them like animals, always with the knife, like today.

The relations between the Mufti and Nazism were not tactical. Hitler was invoked, from Rabat to Ramallah, as “the redeemer” who would wipe out the British and the Jews.

This is not a historical discussion, but a super political one. Raphael Israeli, professor emeritus of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, tells me: "Netanyahu is right in saying that the Mufti played an active role in the elimination of the Jews”  Israeli has published a book on the mufti in the Holocaust, “Death Camps in Croatia”. “For the Mufti, Hitler was to do its job in eliminating the Jews of Europe, while the Palestinian Arabs would take care of the Jews in the Middle East. Every Friday the mosques repeat this hatred of the Jews, ‘the sons of pigs and monkeys’. The Third Intifada is the manifestation of this hatred that dates back to ancient Koran.”

It is no coincidence that Netanyahu in Jerusalem personally followed the demolition of the Shepard Hotel, which until 1967 housed the villa of the Mufti, the creator and enabler of the anti-Semitic Arab mind which has become the major engine of infection. The lie “Jews threaten al Aqsa”, which in the last weeks rebounded on the Palestinian media and even reached the UN, is an invention of the Mufti.

As in 1929, the terrorists who kill the Jews live among them, on the “good” side of the fence, often have Israeli ID cards and a well-paying  job at places like Bezeq, the Israeli telephone company. Just ask the Palestinian father who posted a video of his daughter, Rahf, on Facebook. She is holding a knife and he asks: “Why do you want to kill Jews?”. She replies: “They stole my land”.

That’s what Netanyahu told a deaf and hypocritical Europe. That the message that this ninety year old Intifada targeting the Israeli Jews is written in capital letters: we do not want to live together with you, we want to kill you, we want you out of here, we are intent on driving you into the Mediterranean.

Israel is very lucky these days to have Benjamin Netanyahu, the last great Western leader.