Mahmoud Abbas – You Are Not That Important
Mahmoud Abbas – You Are Not That Important

The Holocaust-denier who runs the confederacy of terrorists known as the PA (Palestinian Authority) tried a new trick. He is scrapping his end of the Oslo Accords -- as if anybody around here really gives a damn. But he needs the attention, poor guy.

Whatever works to get him a headline – he’s in.

He came to America just when football season is getting heated and Americans are in the mood for not much else – maybe the baseball playoffs.

So nobody really cared why he came here and the only headline he got was at The New York Times, naturally.

Nobody cares, Mahmoud.
Nobody else gave him the coverage he craves.

Nobody cares, Mahmoud.

He got no ticker-tape parade down Broadway and even Mayor de Blasio was too busy – too busy feting Clock Boy.

At the UN he got the usual applause that tyrants always get and then came the speech, remarks straight from the Third Reich songbook that runs “Palestine uber alles.” Far as I know, television didn’t care. “Dancing with the Stars” didn’t preempt itself for his blood-libel blather and nonsense. We have heard this before.

You are not that important, Mahmoud.

It is true that all the other world leaders mentioned the conflict, but that is an automatic insert, the blaming of Israel for everything.

Trouble is, they didn’t really mean it, not with the world tumbling out of control.

The constant kvetching from Abbas has become so tiresome; has become a sideshow of a sideshow.

Get over yourself, Mahmoud.

Bad timing, that’s for sure.

Overnight Putin elbowed Obama out of Syria, or at least we have American and Russian planes zooming across the same sky.  

What can possibly go wrong?

Plenty, of course…so while we wait for the inevitable collision, and WAR, who cares about Mahmoud Abbas and his list of fake grievances?

What we’ve got here is fake grievances about a fake conflict. Israel never asked for this.

Meanwhile, here’s REAL CONFLICT – Syria again. Hundreds of thousands of dead and dying, and millions of them devouring Europe.

Here we’ve got Arabs against Arabs. The Jews don’t even figure as an afterthought. This is not their fight.

Those are the headlines and those are the worries. Nobody is worried about a tinhorn dictator and his phony beef.

Abbas is not even a legitimate leader. His term as “president” ran out years ago, which renders him a fake president of a fake people.

There never was a Palestinian state and the only Palestinian people, before 1948, were the Jews.

No big loss, Mahmoud.

Guess what?

The Oslo Accords were never a bargain for Israel or the world. What a relief to get that albatross off our necks. The deal legitimized the PLO, created the PA, enriched both Yasser Arafat and Mahoud Abbas, triggered Arab bloodshed against Israelis, and made kosher the very people, the very cannibals that are terrifying and terrorizing the entire world.

The entire world is arming itself against Radical Islam, and it was to support Radical Islam that Mahmoud Abbas came to the United Nations.

The Oslo Accords were never a bargain for Israel or the world. What a relief to get that albatross off our necks.
The PLO is the grandfather, the originator of Radical Islam.

No wonder you could hear a pin drop.

We understand the Benjamin Netanyahu will soon be addressing the same General Assembly. He is to refute Abbas point for point.

We don’t need this, either, Bibi. Nobody cares. Nobody in America cares and in Israel… in Israel people care too much.

Why give yourself a headline, which only lengthens the argument and puts the spotlight back on this fraud who never was a partner.

Stop treating these bums as your equal. That was Oslo’s big flaw from the start.

Let it go. Stay home and take care of family business. Your people are hurting. Kristallnacht has come to Jerusalem.

Make this stop, for only that is your job.

New York-based author and bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. His novel “Indecent Proposal” was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. His latest thriller, largely about media bias and deception, is “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Website: