Syrian Refugees, How Lucky They Aren’t Jews
Syrian Refugees, How Lucky They Aren’t Jews

The refugee tsunami coming out of Syria may well be genuine. But here’s something to ponder. “We are deliberately ignoring the issue as a strategic maneuver. If these refugees go and settle in the West then they will take with them the beacon of light that is Islam,” an official from the Saudi government said.

So whatever the result, by accident or by design, the West, beginning with Europe, is being gifted by “the beacon of light that is Islam.”

Whether from ISIS and whoever else is maneuvering from behind the scenes, this could have been the plan all along…to force millions to vacate one continent in order to subsume another continent. By hook or by crook they keep on coming and most of them are men. Where are the women?

Where are the 57 countries that make up the world’s Islamic constituency? Oh – this has just been explained, has it not?

The Islamic confederacies are “deliberately ignoring the issue” to deliver Islam into our homes. Understood.

Says the Saudi authority -- “We already have a lot of Muslims here. We don’t need any more.”

Apparently we do. We need more.

That Syrian infant washed up on shore. The world weeps. One and a half million Jewish babies never even got that far.
Lucky for these Syrians that they are indeed Muslims. If they were Jews they wouldn’t stand a chance. For the Jews in the same spot only a generation ago, no tears, no hugs, no welcoming arms, no open borders, no cry to help these people – nothing. Nothing but silence, the silence of complicity.

Every door was closed. The refugee ship St. Louis tried to find an open door but was sent back.

The New York Times could not be bothered. The paper that covered the Holocaust on page 36 as part of “in other news,” today lobbies and campaigns to bring Syrians into the United States – FRONT PAGE. 

That Syrian infant washed up on shore. The world weeps. One and a half million Jewish babies never even got that far.

So the Times needs more and Europe needs more and is getting more from “the beacon of light that is Islam.” Quite a bargain.

We already wrote here about Germany trading its Six Million murdered Jews for six million living and very active Muslims. Good luck with that.

But most of the good luck goes to the Syrians. They have the right papers.

The Jews in the same situation always had the wrong papers and were always standing in the wrong line. Canada’s Mackenzie King government spoke for Canada. Asked how many Jewish refugees it was willing to absorb, a high-placed official uttered these famous words – “None is too many.”

He spoke for Canada. He spoke for the world.

He is still speaking for the world. A generation later it’s the same scorn, but this time it’s for Jews who have come home to the Land of Israel.

So Dear World, spare me your tainted pieties. I can’t remember your sweet mercies when the Jews were the storm-tossed refugees.

I can’t remember your hugs, your, smiles, your warm embrace when the few of us, the remnants, made it to shore as we told it in this memoir.

Our bad timing, it must have been, that we failed to arrive as Arabs. Yes, lucky them, doubly so because these Syrian men who left their women behind and pushed their children forward, only yesterday weren’t they stomping the American flag and shouting death to Christians and Jews?

Tomorrow, once settled in and comfy in their European jihadist no go zones, won’t it be the same thing all over again, with raping your wives and daughters as an added feature, a specialty of the beacon of light that is Islam? It’s already there, but there’s more coming.

Tomorrow, It’s already there, but there’s more coming.

So spare me your superior compassion because some of us fail to weep as loudly as you do for Syrian infants. We are dry of tears after weeping for Jewish toddlers in Israel who were stoned, knifed, firebombed and shot by Palestinian jihadists who share Syrian kinship.

They are brothers and lucky for them to find you so hospitable. The Jews --we had no such luck. None was too many.

For you, Dear Europe, there is no stopping “the beacon of light that is Islam.” That’s called justice.

New York-based Novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. His latest work is “The Bathsheba Deadline,” a newsroom thriller that features legendary editor Jay Garfield and his heroic stand against media bias and Islam’s clash against the West.  Website: