The Solitary Miracle that is Israel
The Solitary Miracle that is Israel

Israel is the living embodiement of what humanity should care and fight for. But in fact, the Jewish State is the most important non cause celebre  Every day we receive news about how the State of Israel and its people are less and less welcomed by the international community. 

Cactus, Luxembourg's biggest supermarket chain, just removed Israeli goods from its shelves, just the same as what once happened in Nazi Germany. 

The United States has slowly disengaged from its existential duties toward the tiny Jewish enclave in the Middle East, not yet in its military and political assistence, but certainly in religious and moral terms. A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to charge Democratic Jewish Congressmen of "double loyalty" because of their security policies positions. 

Europe is becoming Eurabia, and its cynical leaders are now openly saying that they can do it without the Jewish State, an "obstacle to
world peace". Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour's frontrunner, is a symptom of a much deeper resentment for the Jewish people in EU politics. On Europe's streets, anti-Semites are looking for Jews now, and the more the Jews hide, the closer they will look. 

The United Nations has become a farce, an anti-Semitic farce, where the worst tyrants get a green light to demonize and attack the Jews and the Western values. 

Global public opinion is now full of anti-Jewish conspiracies and blood libels. Open any newspaper, book or academic program and you will find the return of the Middle Ages scapeagoating of Jews. 

International culture betrayed the Jews. The renowned orchestra director Daniel Barenboim wanted to conduct a musical orchestra in Teheran, like a new Wilhelm Furtwangler, who bowed to Hitler and Goebbels. (History always repeats itself.) Meanwhile, US singer Matisyahu was banned from a Spanish festival because he is Jewish, just the way that happened to Jewish musicians in the '30s (he was later invited again after the uproar, but admitted to being frightened during the performance by the open anti-Semitism). 

Islam, after a century of letargy under nationalistic regimes, is now engaged in an apocalyptic battle to destroy Judaism and Christianity from the face of the earth - and Sunnis (it is true for IS, Hamas, Iran, Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda ...). The IDF is strong, but it could be easily overwhelmed by Muslim masses marching over Israel. 

The Vatican, after a short season of remorse which led Pope John Paul II to establish a diplomatic dialogue with Jerusalem, now oscillates between indifference and hatred for Zionism. And even among non Catholic churches in the US, there is a new powerful campaign to boycott the State of Israel. Christians are turning their back to the Jews again. 

But despite it all, you have amazing signs of a kind of irrational tenacity. The ingathering of exiles is proceeding and Jewish immigration in 2015 will be robust, from Ukraine to France. Jewish demography is higher than the Arab one. And more and more Jews go to live in the post-1967 areas. These are signs of a nation destined to continue to be on the map. 

Israel will continue to exist as a big ghetto whose only open and pacific border is the Mediterrenean sea. You understand it immediately when you land at Ben Gurion International Airport. Cameras, fences, armed guards, barbed wire, roadblocks everywhere. But the new Masada will have a happy end. This time Jews will not commit suicide. 

At least, I hope not.