Jews Take Up Too Much Space
Jews Take Up Too Much Space

I am not the type of person who seeks publicity for myself and I wouldn’t even be writing this if it could be avoided. But since circumstances leave me no choice, I have decided to break my silence and reveal my true role in the events of the past two decades. While many of these facts are known to the general public, their order and cause are often obscure or confused. So please bear with me as I recount the events in their proper order, as I remember them.

I will start all the way back in 1948 – three years after the destruction of European Jewry, the State of Israel was formed – within two years Sephardic Jewry having been expelled from all the Arab lands fled to the newborn state and joined their Ashkenazi brethren.

Jump ahead 72 years…

In January 2020 the Iranians announced they had decided for "defensive purposes" to build a nuclear arsenal. The US responded it was "shocked" by this development and quickly instituted "robust" new sanctions, but said it would not instigate any hostilities. Following this announcement, the final Israeli government instituted "The Month of Defense" – wherein all citizens were told to prepare for war with Iran. Riots broke out against Jews in Europe and even in North America. Two weeks after the Israeli declaration – the US announced it would not support any Israeli "aggression" against Iran saying it feared this would lead to nuclear war in the region.

It was at this point I went to the Prime Minister. For many years I had been toying with the idea of a lunar colony. My background in environmental physics gave me the perfect training for this experiment. Its true that my Noble Prize in physics was won for discoveries in Isotopic Negativity, what many consider an unrelated field. But any post-doctoral physics student can tell you that the underlying principles of the two disciplines are quite the same. In other words, the original idea was mine and not the Prime Minister's, but for political reasons it was believed it had a better chance of success if he would propose it and not I.

The Prime Minister eloquently explained that the Jewish people "had to be practical and not just ideological."
In February 2021, I was appointed Director of the Jewish Lunar Colony Project. By the way, the space elevator was not my idea but rather that of Yakob Farche, a Czech engineer of Jewish extraction, who approached me shortly after the Prime Minister publicly designated me with the task of designing the plan for the colony.

In July 2022 the UN passed a resolution declaring that for "for the Jews' own safety" it has been decided to evacuate them to the moon where they would be granted rights to colonize, with the understanding that the world's lien to the moon would "not be harmed or diminished". The same resolution removed all Jewish citizenship rights on Earth. Of course, the far Right "Earth Homeland Party" lead by Hezy Ben Arroche fought the plan arguing that Jews had a right to live on Earth just like all other human beings. But the Prime Minister eloquently explained that the Jewish people "had to be practical and not just ideological". While no referendum was formally held on the matter – rigorous polling showed a consistent majority of Jews in favor of the project.

The UN said it would only back the plan if World Jewry itself would fund the move. Since Jews could no longer legally live on earth this was accomplished much more easily than was originally imagined. One trillion dollars were raised and the plan was set in motion.

After all the Jews completed evacuation of the Land of Israel in 2015 – the UN passed a resolution formally recognizing the Arab State of Palestine. Unfortunately for the UN, the Palestinians themselves rejected the move. They insisted that the Jews had "ravaged the land of all its natural resources" and that without massive funding, the new state would collapse. A $500 billion world investment plan was quickly instituted to prop up the foundling state – but the subsequent civil was over control of the funds destroyed most of the population and with no prospects for self-support the remaining survivors immigrated.

With the collapse of the State of Palestine, Iran declared it rights to the region claiming that Palestine had always been "a natural extension of Persian autonomy". The Europeans said this was preposterous and noted that the former State of Israel had once held observer status in the EU and that the land was actually closer to Europe than Iran. What seemed to be a squabble over a small piece of property quickly escalated into hostilities, resulting in the First Nuclear War. While this was limited in scope and only resulted in the loss of only 4 million lives, the lessons of its destructiveness were unfortunately not learned and by the Third Nuclear War most of the planet's populace had been wiped out and most of the Earth is now uninhabitable.

During this time the Moon Colony flourished. The first dome held up remarkably well and within two years it was decided to expand the dome and institute the lunar landscaping project. Eight years ago I was approached by a young astro-physicist by the name of Aaron Belzberg originally from Bnei Brak. He suggested an incredible idea whereby using a process of reverse ionization of the colony's oxygen we could create an artificial atmosphere that would remove the need for the dome and make the moon inhabitable. That is how today we have a living moon with 500 million trees, ten lakes and 15 million inhabitants.

All this I recount in order to properly put into context the latest "development". As most of you have no doubt heard by now, yesterday the UN assembly unanimously passed a resolution accusing the Jews of having "stolen the moon". The resolution states that if we do not relinquish full rights the world community will be left with no choice but to attack.

While there are several influential Jewish politicians and scientists who claim we can colonize Jupiter – I do not believe this is feasible at this time. Even if we were successful, where would it end? Would we be forced to colonize another solar system, another galaxy, another universe? If we do not make a stand here, where will we ever make a stand?

Don’t the Jews deserve a place to live just like everyone else?