We Must Sever All Connections to UNESCO
We Must Sever All Connections to UNESCO

While Hamas and other Palestinian Arab terrorists were busy in hailing the stabbing and running over attacks against the Jews in “Occupied Jerusalem”, the United Nations was embracing Islam as the solution to the Old City of Jerusalem.

Yehudi Menuhin refused to participate in a UNESCO event in Paris after the agency passed an anti-Israel resolution.
UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, has just appointed a permanent representative to be stationed in East Jerusalem. A position which will be used as a weapon against the Jewish people. UNESCO’s foreign affairs committee also adopted a resolution submitted by Jordan and “Palestine” that affirms the definition of Al Aqsa Mosque as “the entire sacred complex surrounding it”, including the Moroccan gate (Shaar Hamugrabi), the most important entrance for non-Muslim visitors (read "the Jews"). 

The Paris-based UNESCO also deplored Jewish projects in the Old City of Jerusalem and called on Israel to “cease all excavation work” within the Old City.

UNESCO is the world’s most important cultural agency. What it says has significant relevance for international public opinion. And what it approved last week are a series of severe anti-Semitic measures designed to purge Jewish rights from Jerusalem.

In 1975, the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin refused to participate in a UNESCO event in Paris after the agency passed an anti-Israel resolution. From Germany, even leftist writer, the famous Heinrich Böll, denounced UNESCO for its stance on Israel. 

That should be the behaviour of cultural personalities today, those who believe in truth and fairness, as well: they should stop working with UNESCO unless it withdraws its anti-Semitic resolutions, while academicians from around the world should express their support for the Israeli archeologists working in Jerusalem.

The measures taken by UNESCO against Israel, in addition to being intolerable, are grotesque. The cultural cancellation of Israel justifies its physical annihilation. It is a process of extermination already used by the totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century, which led to the death of million of Jews.

UNESCO is a United Nations body that has the task to defend education, science and culture. What is happening is a perversion and a reversal of its role.

I will personally refuse to cooperate with this body until it eliminates its intolerable anti-Semitic spirit. This entails not accepting their invitations and refusing to report on their good initiatives. Brave and free people should do the same.

Israel can win this battle only with the support of the Westerners who still care about the fate of their civilization.