Wake up! Israel has been Abandoned
Wake up! Israel has been Abandoned
Israeli goods are boycotted in the stores, Israeli professors are banned in the universities, Jewish faithful are gunned down in the streets, anti-Semitic dramas are shown in the best theatres, anti-Israel resolutions are promulgated in parliaments, Jewish synagogues are protected like military outposts.

In the Middle Ages, fanatics burned heretics at the stake. Today they burn Israel.
Welcome to post-Auschwitz Europe. 

We are witnessing the same Jew-hatred that already plunged the European continent into its twentieth century abyss, when the houses of peasants   had Jewish ashes under their windows. 

An insurance company just refused to insure a Jewish kindergarten in Brussels because risks of attacks are too high. So Europe, which blames Israel for protecting Jewish children after the Shoah and refusing to see them as victims, abandons its Jews to hate and fear. 

In Geneva, the United Nations' Human Rights Council condemned just one country for violation of women's rights. Syria for the rape as a war crime? No. Iran for stoning women? No.

Israel, you fools. Who else? 

Europe's intellectual and political establishment obsessively preaches and works for Israel's disappearance. Seventy years after the Holocaust, pogroms take place every year: Brussels, Tolouse, Paris... Meanwhile, Nobel laureates spread new blood libels against the Jewish people. 

The last edition of the New York Review of Books, the world's most sophisticated literary magazine, charged Israel with being "proto-fascist". Words count, even if we believe they don't. People around the world read these journals and newspapers and get their concept of "truth" from them.
If in the past the orders to boycott Israel came from Damascus, where the Arab League operations are headquartered, today the boycott is based in Europe’s pension funds, supermarkets, firms and companies, labor unions and food co-ops.
 And it is led not by Arab officials, but by transnational groups, mainstream media, charities, pressure groups and campaigning networks. 

And it has already proven very successful. The company Veolia just closed its activities in Israel after years of boycott.

In an act which would have made Himmler and Goebbels proud, a group of leftist anti-Israeli demonstrators, wearing protective clothing to avoid being infected by "Zionist bacteria", entered stores in the Swedish city of Malmo to confiscate Israeli products, declaring them fruits of the "occupation of Palestine" and as such either to be boycotted or destroyed. 

In the Middle Ages, fanatics burned heretics at the stake. Today they burn Israel. 

Listen and the song of anti-Semitism grows louder. Once again it is fusing with Europe's mainstream. Tomorrow they will wonder whether another disaster really happened at all. 

Wake up! Jews have been abandoned, again.