Democrats Surrender To Iran
Democrats Surrender To Iran

So what did you expect? The “framework” to delay (not to stop) Iran’s nuclear program is a deal that renders us all sitting ducks to the whims of the ayatollahs. For this we can thank the Democrats who spent months working as lawyers for the other side.

Why did it take weeks of negotiations when a quick phone call would have been enough, simply saying, “You win. We lose.”
Well it sure seems that way since the Islamic Republic got everything it wanted and John Kerry came back with nothing.

Why did it take weeks of negotiations when a quick phone call would have been enough, simply saying, “You win. We lose.”

Iran gets to keep its nuclear arsenal intact. President Obama came out to say, “It’s a good deal.”

For them, yes.

The entire effort, concluded on Thursday but to be continued, again, into June, is a production of the Democratic Party.

The Republicans had no say. Will the GOP-controlled House and Senate get a word in edgewise before papers are signed? We don’t know. Obama has the pen.

Immediately after the Democrats, with a straight face, declared, “It’s the best we can do,” the ayatollahs entered laughing.

“We got everything we wanted,” they crowed for the cameras. Read this.

So yes, what did you expect when the safety and security of the entire world is in the hands of John Kerry and his Party?

This is the same John Kerry who backstabbed and double-crossed his fellow Vietnam buddies. These are the same delegates who jeered Israel at the Democratic National Convention. This is the Party that gave us Harry Reid of Nevada who ran the Senate as his own private club and last week was unrepentant for what he said, on the Senate floor, about Mitt Romney.

Reid falsely accused presidential candidate Romney of failure to pay taxes and when asked, by CNN, if he regretted the fabrication, he smirked.

“He lost, didn’t he?” said the man who used to wield so much power.

This is the same Party that gave us Ted Kennedy, the “Lion of the Senate” for some 50 years even after he drove a woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, to her death into the waters of Chappaquiddick Island. The “scoundrel factor” was no bother to Massachusetts’s voters.

Republicans can’t seem to lay a glove on Lois Lerner for targeting Conservative taxpayers and Hillary Clinton is still the Democrats’ best bet for President despite – well, despite everything, beginning with 30,000 missing emails. She’s a Democrat, a Liberal. It’s okay.

These are the Democrats, the Party that boycotted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he addressed Congress. That was before, and now when a top General from Iran declared that destroying Israel was non-negotiable, John Kerry was deaf to the taunt from one sovereign nation to another. He continued negotiating.

Nothing about it was unusual or outrageous and Obama addressed Iran with “respect” – even with chants of “Death to America” ringing in our ears.

There was a time when Democrats were friends. We need to go back generations to find Harry Truman, JFK, Hubert Humphrey and Adlai Stevenson.

There is no telling if Republicans would fare any better, if they had the power. We only know what we’ve got.

We’ve got the Democrats, to live with or die.

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