Conservative "Marranos" and the Absurd Charge of Racism
Conservative "Marranos" and the Absurd Charge of Racism

We live in a world that is so hypocritical, dominated in Western countries by leftist fascists who regularly deny free speech to conservatives, deny jobs to conservatives, and deny a whole boatload of freedoms to conservatives.  Throughout the West, we conservatives must be careful when we speak, toe political lines that are drawn for us, hide our true political beliefs and voting preferences, and basically live the life of political Marranos or Conversos.  We must join unions that we do not wish to join, must advocate programs and leisure activities that we do not wish to advocate, and we must hide furtively until, once every two or four years, we can vote in secrecy.

Suddenly, the day after elections — whether it is Bibi and the Likud winning an election in Israel or David Cameron winning in England or Stephen Harper winning in Canada or the Republicans winning in the United States — the Left comes out, scratching their heads in disbelief:  “Where did all those conservative votes come from?  Was there a mistake?  Were they counted wrong?  I don’t know any conservatives where I work, where I live, in my union.”

With the acquiescence of Israeli law and courts, Jews are barred from living in certain parts of Jerusalem. Jews also may not live in certain other parts of Israel.
We are Marranos or Conversos.  We claim to have converted, but we hide our true beliefs.  We observe quietly, silently, in our basements.  Our copies of the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights are hidden behind bookcase shelves, where the Left will not find them.

Everywhere in the West it is the same.  And now that apartheid in South Africa rightfully is dead and buried, the Left misses the exciting days of yore, cheering for Mandela.  They desperately need a new cause, new excitement, a new apartheid to bring down, new racists to attack.

New apartheid and racists are easy to find.  Look at Saudi Arabia, where women are not paid equal pay for equal work.  In fact, where women do not get equal work.  Where women cannot even drive a car.  Or walk down a street.  Where no Jew or Christian may set foot in a city like Mecca.  Where gay people are crucified.  Where free thinkers — and, yes, liberals — are flogged to death publicly.  

Or look at Syria, where there is a rich and varied choice of racists to oppose, bigots and racial separatists to denounce: Al Qaeda, ISIL, Shiite Islamists, Sunni Islamists.  Syria, a country where liberals and free thinkers are crucified or burned alive or, instead, first are tortured — and then are crucified or burned alive.  

The racists are all over, easy to find — the apartheid separatists and bullies and thugs and mass murderers.  Not to mention Iran.  Or Hezbollah. Or Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) and his racist Palestine Authority.  Or Hamas.

Yet none of those evils grabs the consciences of Western liberals.  Not Christiane Amanpour’s conscience and not that of the New York Times editorial-page writers.  Not the columnists of Haaretz and not the mainstream newsmedia of the West nor the television networks of American TV nor the BBC.  Instead, for true evil— the great new Dark Empire — they have settled on  the State of Israel and its newly reelected Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

It really is crazy, insane.  Watching college students advocate BDS — boycott, divestment, and sanctions — against Israel.  If those same students, whether from the University of California at Berkeley or UC Davis, were to go to Saudi Arabia or Syria or Iran and try some political activism, they instantly would be arrested, tied up, tortured, and then hanged or shot or incinerated or crucified — or all four.  They and their liberal professors — particularly the Jewish self-haters at the forefront of BDS.  And yet, blissfully ignorant of the realities around them — with such students in America unaware who America’s President was during World War II or against whom the United States fought in its War of Independence, the Revolutionary War — they launch invectives at Israel and at Bibi.

So let us address the latest hypocrisy and lie.  Americans, including journalists who have no conceptual understanding of how to differentiate between light and darkness, hear the Prime Minister of Israel make a campaign appeal, and the next day they call him racist.  Come and hear:

In the United States, the laws prohibit residents from barring Black people or Asian people or White people from living in designated neighborhoods.  You cannot even deny a Black or Gay or Latino or Asian or Jewish person the right to rent an apartment.  But in Israel it is different.  With the acquiescence of Israeli law and courts — and with the backing of Likud-led governments — Jews, for example, are barred from living in certain parts of Jerusalem.  Jews also may not live in certain other parts of Israel.  Strange but true.  By contrast, American does not work that way.

In the same way, Israel has “Arab Parties” that run for office.  America does not have a “Black Political Party” or a “Latino Party.”  There have been occasional efforts by Nazis to run “White Political Parties,” and they are despised.  But in Israel it actually is fine-and-dandy for Arab Israelis to join together and to run for office in “Arab Parties.”

If an all-Black American “Black Party” were contending seriously for American office, with a platform — whether explicit or implicit — to throw White people or Asian people or Latino people out of America, that would be a threat to the people being threatened with expulsion.  And if millions of dollars were pouring in from outside America to assure that the “Black Party” would gain power so that it could realize its dream of expelling all Whites from the country, it would be perfectly reasonable for an Asian or Latino candidate to tell voters:  “Listen, you lazy procrastinators.  You better get out and vote tomorrow, because the ‘Black Party’ is busing in Blacks from everywhere with a platform to throw you all out.  And if you just sit back and do not vote, disregarding the threat, you may just find yourselves waking up next month in another country.  So get out and vote, because the Black Party voters are voting en masse.”

That would not happen in America because America does not work that way, and the American Constitution does not tolerate it.  But somehow that is part of the craziness of Israel, where an Ahmed Tibi or a Hanin Zoabi actually can be part of a political party contending in Israel, aimed ultimately at driving the Jews out of Israel.  

Unlike in America, in Israel there actually could be an “Arab Political Parties” list.  And tons of American and European money flowed into Israelfor the elections with the purpose of  “getting out the Arab vote” for the “Arab Parties.”  That simply is what was happening.  Therefore, Netanyahu explained to Likud voters that if they sat back, they could wake up the next morning to a bizarre situation where a weak Labor Party, a minuscule Tenuah Party, a pathetically small Meretz Party, a center-left party, and maybe one more party could be induced to form a government with 13 or 14 seats allied with Tibi and Zoabi.  So the Prime Minister told the voters that, hey, the Arabs are being induced to come out in large numbers to vote for their Arab Parties, so you Jews better come out and vote, too.

Makes perfect sense.  The only part of the picture that is “racist” is the idea that an election cycle allows “Arab Parties.”  After all, Likud has Arabs within it.  So does Labor, Meretz, Bayit Yehudi.  In several Arab neighborhoods, some Arabs vote for Orthodox Jewish parties like Shas or UTJ in order to preserve a social character in the country that is traditional.  

The racism lies in the existence of “Arab Parties.”  As with all-White Nazi parties in America, they may be legal, but they are racist.

But if a crazy country of Jews wants to allow a union of “Arab Parties” to seek votes with their hope of 67 years to drive Jews into the sea, it is sane The racism lies in the existence of “Arab Parties.” As with all-White Nazi parties in America, they may be legal, but they are racist.
and perfectly reasonable for a campaigner in an Israeli election, seeking to preserve the Jewish character of the Jewish state for which Jews hoped for two thousand years, to advise voters that, if the Jews do not come out and vote in sufficiently large numbers, they should be aware that a massive effort is underway nevertheless to bus in Arabs to vote in large numbers.  And those Arab parties will drive you out, if you have been following the careers of Tibi and Zoabi and their cohorts.  So Jews better vote, too.

It is hypocritical for the Left to criticize such legitimate campaigning — given the unique context of the voting in Israel.  But we expect nothing less than lies and hostility from Christiane Amanpour.  And we have watched the New York Times for a century — as it ignored the Holocaust while it was unfolding before their eyes, further advocating against the founding of a State of Israel in the first place by artificially advancing the insignificant American Council for Judaism as though its anti-Zionism reflected American Jewish beliefs.  We can only marvel at their phoniness and hypocrisy.  If Amanpour were to try reporting “fearlessly” from Syria or Iran, it would not be long before she would turn up dead.  Same for the New York Times editorialists.

And we would not be able to come to their defense.  Partly because those racist apartheid societies would not even allow us to set foot within their borders, in the first place.  And, in the second place, because now that the elections are over, we have retreated to our basements, our Constitutions back in hiding, proudly waving our union cards.  Conversos.  Marranos.  In hiding.

Until the next election.

Rabbi Dov Fischer is author of General Sharon’s War Against Time Magazine (Steimatzky: 1985). His political commentaries have appeared on the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, National Review,  Los Angeles Times, and in other major American publications.  He formerly was Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, is an adjunct professor of law at two prominent American law schools, and is Rav of Young Israel of Orange County, California.  He is author of Jews for Nothing (Feldheim: 1983) and is in his fifth year as a member of the National Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America. His writings can be found at  As with all of Rabbi Prof. Fischer’s writings, this commentary expresses his own views.