UK Academia Burn Israel at the Stake
UK Academia Burn Israel at the Stake
One of the most terrible aspects of contemporary terror, from Nazi Holocaust to Stalin's war on the Kulaks, is that it appears in the guise of a theory. This is true also for current anti-Zionism. Hitler had Alfred Rosenberg, Stalin had Zdanov, while the contemporary anti-Semitism is spread by the most educated European professors, intellectuals and journalists. 

Academics, students, deans, even the security officers at London University were called to vote last week. 2,056 people expressed their opinion. 73 percent decided for a total boycott of Israeli academic institutions. Only 425 voted against the anti-Semitic measures. And 60% of the professors Sophisticated anti-Semitism knows no bounds nor has it any shame.
voted in favor of the exclusion of the Jewish State. 

It served as a referendum on the right to existence of the Jewish state among the wealthy classes of the academic and cultural British world. London University has become the first English university to vote officially for the end of academic ties with Israeli colleagues. 

The first to suffer from the boycott will be the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The vote is important also because it comes from the most prestigious English university for Middle East studies. 

But it is also a faculty which embraced Islamism long time ago. Qatari imam Yusuf al Qaradawi sits among the advisors of the Journal of Islamic Studies of that university. That imam justified suicide bombings against Jews: "Oh Allah, strike the Jews, the enemies of Islam. Oh Allah, strike this arrogant band. Oh Allah, count them and kill them, until the last one". 

In 2007, United Kingdom lecturers gathered in Bournemouth to vote in favor of "a general boycott" of Israeli institutions. The London University vote, which was defined as "non-binding" by the administration, will have practical effects: preventing Israeli students from obtaining grants at London University, persuading other academic institutions to break relations with Israeli universities, convincing academics who work at London University to not to travel to Israel, disinviting the Israelis at their conferences and preventing the publication of articles in the journals of the university by Israeli researchers.

Last month, HarperCollins shamed itself by wiping Israel off a map for English-language schools in the Middle East. And a few days ago, a BBC reporter in Washington tweeted about Benjamin Netanyahu's use of what he called the "Holocaust card". Sophisticated anti-Semitism knows no bounds nor has it any shame. 

Israel has now been burned at stake by the British academia.