The Plague of the Un-Jews
The Plague of the Un-Jews

Many years ago, posing as a supporter of the PLO, I infiltrated an Arab anti-Israel meeting held in a room above a London pub. There were mostly Arabs present with a sprinkling of non-Arabs, mostly local Brits.

Among the Brits was a man who told the audience that he was a Jew and hated Israel. His self-loathing expressed itself in hostility towards the increasingly embattled Jewish state.

But in all the bile that fell from his lips, he revealed a total lack of knowledge about Judaism and Jewish history – certainly he exhibited no understanding of the rebirth of Israel in its ancestral and biblical homeland or of the immense odds of its survival in the face of enormous Arab and Muslim aggression.

His trope was merely to echo the fashionable Arab and pro-Arab propaganda of “the poor Palestinian Arabs, and the nasty Israelis.”

All he seemed to want to do was ingratiate himself with those Arabs in the misguided belief that they would award him with what he personally lacked in his own sad life: fame and name recognition.

If he could achieve that by denigrating and abusing the people from whom he sprung, then so be it. For him the means justified the ends. What he did not realize was that the Arabs looked upon him with no respect; rather they treated him with contempt; using him instead as a useful idiot.

I thought of him when I remembered the UK pro-Palestinian group of Jews - overwhelmingly leftist - whom you may remember had attempted to sail to Gaza from the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus in order to bring aid and comfort to the Hamas occupiers of the Gaza Strip.

Among the left wing British Jews was one Yonatan Shapira who had allegedly defaced a wall near the Warsaw Ghetto monument with a slogan describing the Arabs in Gaza as suffering a holocaust like the Jews had during the real Holocaust.

Unlike the Arabs in Gaza, the Jews during the Shoah were almost entirely exterminated. And unlike the hapless Jews who lost at least 30% of the world’s Jewish population, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians - and who spew the lie that they are undergoing their own holocaust - have grown in numbers by some 600% since 1948: Some holocaust!

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman at the time, Andy David, called the left wing Jews' claim to be bringing aid to Gaza "ridiculous" and labeled the voyage "a politically motivated provocation.” Under the circumstances, a rather mild and muted criticism.

Emanuele Ottolenghi, in a commentary said, “There is a certain irony in the fact that a boat full of ‘Jews for Justice for Palestinians’ set sail for Gaza from Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus remains an illegally occupied territory that belongs to EU-member Cyprus, but was seized by force in 1974 by the Turkish army.

“Its legal status as a fictionally independent state is only recognized by Turkey. The Turkish military forcibly removed hundreds of thousands of ethnic Greeks from that territory and settled its own population to permanently alter the ethnic balance of the area.”

I also thought of the man in the room above the London pub when I remembered that other Jewish self-hater, Professor Illan Pappe, who once visited India in order to demonize Israel and encourage a boycott by Indians of the Jewish state.

Professor Pappe, well known as an extreme leftist and one of a handful of Israeli professors who support an academic boycott of Israel, criticized the Arab world for “not doing anything” against Israel.

In view of the decade’s long history of barbaric terrorism perpetrated by Palestinian and other Arabs against Israeli civilians, this was an oxymoronic statement if ever there was one.

Another visitor at the time to India was Richard Falk, formerly the United Nations Human Rights Council envoy to Gaza, and to Judea and Samaria (or what most of the world calls by its Jordanian Arab name, the 'West Bank').

During his term with the grotesquely misnamed UN Human Rights Council, Falk was the envoy for this despicable organization, one made up of the most egregious rogue states on earth and worst human rights abusers.

This committee spends all its time ignoring the horrors perpetrated by its own members and concentrates solely and obsessively on heaping slanders and falsehoods against Israel.

Falk, yet another Jewish self-hater, had no conscience in condemning Israel for such actions as dismantling illegally built Arab structures in Jerusalem and deporting four senior Hamas terrorists from the city.

Indeed, Israeli officials criticized Falk as “redundant at best and malicious at worst” and accused him of lacking any objectivity. Again a rather mild and muted criticism.

Did this same Falk have condemnation for the Muslim terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008 during which the terrorists deliberately attacked  Chabad House and cruelly murdered eight Jews, including a Rabbi and his young wife? 

I mention this only because it reveals the depths of the pathological sickness the Jewish self-haters are consumed by. But we have to understand that this is not something new that has existed only since Israel was reconstituted in 1948 in its ancient homeland.  

For centuries, since the destruction of Jewish Judea, the Jews were stateless, seeking refuge wherever they could find it within Christendom and the Islamic world.

The relentless persecution of the stateless Jews during the following nineteen hundred years or so led to some individuals wishing to shake off the crushing burden.

Unlike the vast majority of Jews who endured endless torment, often through martyrdom, a few sought to evade it by converting or, in many instances, aiding and abetting the very persecutors of their fellow Jews.

Like the man in the room above the London pub, they sought to ingratiate themselves but, again like him they were treated with contempt and considered “useful idiots.”

As Achad Ha’am wrote in 1891, “…Nothing is more dangerous for a nation or an individual than to plead guilty to imaginary sins.”
In this second decade of the 21st century, it seems that there is an endless procession of such men and women who spring from the Jewish people but who know very little if anything about their faith and history. I call them the un-Jews.

These people are often from the higher strata of society; academics, writers, musicians, the intelligentsia, etc. The glue that binds them is their total ignorance and arrogance. They are drawn primarily from the Left – a spurious and problematic home from which venomous attacks upon Israel routinely emanate.

Again these un-Jews feel compelled to find acceptance in this Theater of the Absurd that is known as the Left. The un-Jews thus, yet again and again, seek to ingratiate themselves with their non-Jewish cronies by railing against only the Jewish state - ignoring all the horrors of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaida, Boko Haram, the Sudan, Iran, Syria, and of the despotic Arab and Muslim world.

They care not for the disinherited Tibetan people who live under Chinese occupation. They care not for the Serbian Christians who saw their own ancestral heartland of Kosovo snatched from them by Muslims.

Only the struggle by beleaguered Israel, the one and only Jewish state, attempting against great odds to survive and seek its own self-determination in a hostile world, inspires within the un-Jew such demented loathing.

It is the vile behavior of the un-Jews towards Israel that allows the non-Jewish anti-Semites to be open about their own deep seated pathology and bigotry.

After all, they can say with equanimity, Jews themselves are criticizing Israel so that gives us a free pass to libel the Jewish state and support the Muslims and Arabs in their genocide against the Jews.

You can find a list of these miscreants, these un-Jews, in an article written some time ago by David Solway in Front Page.

Writer, Ruth Wisse, described how the liberals and leftists undermine the Jewish people’s own liberation and self-determination movement, Zionism – the return to Zion and Jerusalem; words which are synonymous with each other. Her extraordinary book, a must read, is titled The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews.

Michael Savage, the conservative Talk Show host, aptly describes liberalism as a “mental disorder.” The un-Jews who endlessly spew their venom against their own people are at the forefront of creating organizations that are patently one sided shills for the Arab and Muslim terror and genocide machine and for the anti-Israel Obama regime.

J Street and the New Israel Fund are two of many such organizations. They stand guilty as charged. Such organizations are readily transparent by the slogans they use, which always include words such as “social justice” and “peace.”

These once precious words have been bastardized by the Left and increasingly by liberal churches who still embrace the pernicious doctrine of Replacement Theology. Now those words, epitomizing the higher ideals of humanity, are become as bitter ashes in the mouth.

What is most egregiously insulting is how the un-Jews claim to espouse authentic Jewish ethics and morality. They do not. They exhibit a devastating ignorance and profound shallowness of what Judaism teaches.

Their breathtaking ignorance misrepresents the divinely inspired Jewish ideals and love of life, which is in such stark contrast to the Muslim love of death.

As Achad Ha’am wrote in 1891, “…Nothing is more dangerous for a nation or an individual than to plead guilty to imaginary sins.”

Yet the un-Jews would willingly see Israel destroyed. They would then march lockstep into the unparalleled darkness of Sharia law and dhimmitude.

They are above all else, a plague unto themselves.

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of Volumes One, Two and Three of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.