Concentration Country
Concentration Country

The ingathering of the exiles makes six million Jews vulnerable to another holocaust.

These are the hair-raising calculations:

  • A 20-kiloton nuclear bomb (like those dropped on Japan, which are today considered very small) exploding over the Jaffa port would cause heat and fires in the area encompassing Petah Tikva, Lod and Holon. The aftershock and destruction would affect the area including Tel Baruch, Beit Dagan and Palmahim. Heavy casualties would be sustained as far as Ra'anana in the north and Rishon Letzion to the south. In all, out of a population of about 1.5 million, 250,000 would be killed. The number of injured, most of them seriously, would reach half a million.
  • A 100-kiloton bomb would cause heat and fires up to Ra'anana, Modi'in and Yavne, aftershock and destruction would reach Netanya, Ariel and Ashdod, and there would be heavy casualties as far as Ramle and Ashkelon. Out of 2.5 million residents, about 500,000 would be killed by the nuclear explosion and 1 million would be injured.
  • A hydrogen bomb exploding over Jaffa would cause heat and fires in a region as widespread as Hadera, Jerusalem and Ashkelon, aftershock and destruction to a range of Kfar Sava, Elkana and Rehovot and heavy casualties as far as Herzliya and Modi'in. Out of 3.2 million residents in this area, 700,000 would be killed immediately. About 1.5 million more would be injured.

It should be noted that these calculations are based on a strike by only a single bomb. It is easy to guess what would happen here if several nuclear bombs were dropped as a Bravo Death Zone calculation shows:   

5 Megatons of Fission Ground burst Can Give Cumulative Fatal Doses Except For Upper Galilee, Eilat. 500 KT: Fallout From Tel Aviv Kills Amman!  Out of 11 million people in Israel and Jordan, the number surviving is about 1 million Jews and 1 million Arabs,

Interpretation: It’s not the first dose, it’s the cumulative dose. Worse, there are too many to hospitalize.

Bottom Line, Israel cannot survive 150 Critical Masses, 30 X 500 KT.

Today you can witness some of the most amazing explosions on You Tube; for example, the one linked to here. Bobby Kennedy was at a nuclear test such as the shown in the movie and it explains the maneuver. With just 1 weapon the warhead was launched as a Davy Crockett device from a stationary 155 millimeter launcher and set to detonate between 20 and 40 feet above the ground around 1.7 miles from the launch point, with a yield of 18 tons. 

Note the explosion part (10 tons class, 18 tons) ; the recoilless launcher itself   the Davy Crockett  nuclear rifle  and UNGUIDED ABM based on the Sprint.

Despite the intolerable threat of a nuclear Iran, the United States and Israel appears to lack the technology to inflict severe damage on Iran’s atomic weapons program. According to the Wall Street Journal and other reliable sources, the United States does not have weapons to destroy enough of the right targets that, if damaged or destroyed, would significantly slow or stop Iran’s weapons program.

As the current administration is currently showing their true colors, the US can’t be counted on this coming decade. It has kept Israel from acting by publicizing Israel's plans. Iran knows that Israel finds it extraordinary difficult with current-generation weapons to destroy the Iranian nuclear program. 

If Israel can, it must. It it can't, it threatens. Psychological warfare hints at Israel’s impotence to effectively put an end to the Iranian nuclear threat.

Can Israel survive the repercussions of an attack on Iran?

"Imagine we’re [attacked] from the north, south and center. They have short-range and long-range missiles – we believe they have about 100,000 rockets and missiles.” Eli Yishai

Iron Dome is very good in certain limited (sporadic) scenarios. The radar can be used in many new applications, some of which we have devised. However it cannot defend economically against 100,000 incoming rockets

In addition to the current scenarios, there are potentially worst case scenarios. Israel must be prepared for an Armageddon led by Iran, Turkey followed by Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, and perhaps other countries. Israel must be able to face down the combined armies of Egypt and Iran.

Combined, they are now a trillion dollar economy. Israel is less than 250 billion. Turkey and Iran together are almost 2 trillion.  Egypt is 500 billion plus. These numbers are not as bad as it looks because this money must service their huge populations. However, if they organize screaming hordes to do what the Red Chinese did in Korea (TM) like human wave assaults they could easily get 10 million gunmen in the field for a very brief time which would pose an untested challenge to the IDF.

A credible threat deters.

Permitting Iran to make nuclear weapons will invariably result in a nuclear arms race with the irrational hope of MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction resulting in a stalemate as it did with the US and Soviet Union. Iran does not care about surviving, so when they feel they can exterminate 6 million Jews they will even at the expense of double or triple that number of deaths on their side.

They live to die while Jews are dying to live.