Rafsanjani is Telling the Truth
Rafsanjani is Telling the Truth

Mass-murderer Joseph Stalin had words of advice for other mass-murderers, “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.”  While the burning-alive murder of the Jordanian Air Force pilot is gruesome and barbaric, what will the world do when Iran achieves its goal of creating a nuclear bomb, and with one nuclear bomb mass conflagrates the entire Tel Aviv Sharon coastal plain holding 70% of Israel’s Jewish population? 

The answer is: nothing. Stalin was right.

And former Mossad-Chief Efraim Halevy has been on a non-stop tear for years attacking Prime Minister Netanyahu on both his refusal to create a 'West bank' Palestinian state and for his “fear-mongering” about Iran’s nuclear goals.  The core of Halevy’s attack is “Israel is indestructible,” therefore Netanyahu is “fear-mongering.” 

Halevy’s thesis is patently false.  Former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani once characterized tiny Israel as a “one-bomb country.”

The exact quote by “Iranian moderate” Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on al Quds Day, December 14, 2001 is:

“If one day, the Islamic World is also equipped with weapons like those that Israel possesses now, then the imperialists’ strategy will reach a standstill because the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything. However, it will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality.”

One Iranian gun-type uranium nuclear bomb, crudely built along the line of Little Boy dropped on Hiroshima, would have an instant kill radius of about 3 miles.  If the Iranians delivered the weapon via a Hamas controlled 'West Bank' or an Iranian mini-sub off Tel Aviv’s coast, they could eradicate the Jewish state in an instant. There could be 2,000,000 killed and  an additional 2,000,000 Jews in the coastal plain itself irradiated or wounded.  The instant murder of 2,000,000 Jews and additional wounding of another 2,000,000 Jews out of apopulation of 6,000,000 would make for a rapid demise of the State of Israel.

Doesn’t Halevy know of Rafsanjani’s quote? 

Graphic of Gush Dan
Graphic of Gush Dan(Mark Langfan)

Here are some more of Halevy’s untrue statements about “Israel’s indestructibility”, said in various places over time.

In 2009, in Canada, he said:

“Israel today is indestructible. It’s not possible to destroy Israel. Israel today has an array of offensive and defensive abilities that make its destruction impossible.”

In 2011, in the Daily Telegraph:

"There is no existential threat to Israel," he said. "I believe that Israel is indestructible. I believe that Israel is a very strong presence in the Middle East.”

In November 2013, on Christine Amanpour's TV show:

“I think that Iran is a very serious threat,” Halevy said from Tel Aviv. But “I believe that Israel is indestructible. And I think that this should be the basic tenet of every Israeli leader to have self-confidence, and the confidence in the future of Israel.”

That confidence, he said, “has to be the point of departure” for governing the country.

“It is wrong to bring up the memories of the past, the memories of the holocaust of so many years ago, when we were defenseless,” he said. “Then we were defenseless; now we are not defenseless.”

Now, one would think that a former-Mossad Chief would be aware that Iran has been continuously stockpiling higher and higher grades of enriched uranium-235, and that Halevy should be changing his tune.  But, no, he only gets worse. Now, this Gatekeeper  is calling Netanyahu the “anti-Churchill.  Just last month this ex-Mossad chief said:

“Netanyahu commits a 'terrible mistake' by defining Iran’s nuclear ambitions as a matter of life or death", Halevy said, “because I do not believe there is an existential threat to Israel. I think the Iranians can cause us a lot of damage, if they succeed in one way or another to launch a nuclear device which will actually hit the ground here in Israel. But this in itself would not bring the state of Israel to an end.””

Read Halevy’s words carefully. An Iranian nuclear device hitting Israel “in itself would  not bring the state of Israel to an end.”   4 Million Tel Aviv coastal plain Jews would be mass-murdered in a nuclear fireball, but there will be some Israeli sun-bathers in Eilat who will just have a better suntan.  One nuclear bomb will not kill every single Jewish Israeli in Israel.  After Tel Aviv is nuked, it will take a couple of days for Hamas and ISIS to finish the job.

Could Halevy be objectively diagnosed as irrational for saying the above statement?  For sure. Yet Israeli and world media take every  delusional Israeli Gate-Keeper and act as though his opinion trumps Netanyahu’s.

It’s a tragedy when one can trust an Iranian Ayatollah who tells the truth when saying that Israel is a one-bomb country while one sees former Israeli Gatekeepers lie for purely partisan political goals.  Netanyahu isn’t throwing Israel’s security under the bus, it’s the Labor Party and their coterie of Israeli Gatekeepers that are burying Israel under an Iranian nuclear arsenal.