Holocaust 2? More Horrifying than the Original.
Holocaust 2? More Horrifying than the Original.

Never again? It's Again! We are so smart and prepared. If we should ever see before us Nazis and concentration camps then we will jump to action and make sure it doesn't happen.  After all, we learned our lessons from history and now we will never allow such an event, era or episode to occur again.

While we have our eyes wide open to catch any glimpse of iron crosses and the first sighting of an upper lip, cropped, dark mustache, we are blind to the very true real fact that the Holocaust is here once more. And this one's not going to be as recoverable as the last one.

Obama can go to the Saudi king's funeral, there is no election there. Obama can rekindle relations with Cuba, there is no election there.
The iconic six million number calculating the amount of Jews killed, in Holocaust No. 1, is hauntingly the same census of Jews living in the Jewish homeland of Israel right now. The last genocide required great trial and error, innovation and time in order for the Nazis to figure out how to gather, kill and dispose of the Jews.

This time the Jews are gathered in one spot, six million. Iran drops a nuclear bomb while the world watches. The possibility exists that Spielberg-esqe talents will then make movies about it again, museums will memorialize, memorials will erect facilities, artists and writers will produce Nobel works and the American Jews will scream, "Never again, again!"

That aftermath is just a supposition because sticks and stones will break my bones but nuclear weaponry is forever. Islamic caliphate, extremist, radical, murderous terrorists with atomic weapons, dirty bombs and long range missiles along with a short sighted Washington rewrite a Holocaust disaster movie for the U.S. to star in as well.

In short, there will be no Western World to write about it or build the museums; it will be a global disaster, one big crematorium. 

And if you don't believe this scenario then you're the guy in the old Holocaust movie that was naked and walking into the gas chamber saying, "I hope the shower is warm."

So when the Prime Minister of Israel is invited by one of the branches of the U.S. Government (there are three, there is no king) and he wants to once again plead for a non-nuclear Iran, everyone should listen to him.

The U.S. President Barack Obama should personally drive him over to Congress.

The after-the-fact excuse that Obama is not even going to meet with him because Israel is having an election, goes directly to the aortic heart valve relationship of the United States of America and Israel. The other countries in that region and elsewhere don't have elections. Obama can go to the Saudi king's funeral, there is no election there. Obama can rekindle relations with Cuba, there is no election there. Obama can negotiate with the Supreme Ruler Ayatollah of Iran, they don't have elections there.

And to Vice President Joe Biden who already announced that he will not attend Bibi's speech due to some phantom overseas trip to nowhere, Joe should cancel or postpone it because Hitler has the A-Bomb!

Netanyahu should accept every invite to speak about the Holocaust 2 threat, whether it comes from the White House janitor, Monica Lewinsky, Al Sharpton, David Letterman or even the Joint Houses of the United States Congress.

The Middle East is radicalized; Europe is done; Japan is beheaded; South America is corrupted; where should Israel's Prime Minister talk?

In the Holocaust 2 Museum, there will be an entire wing devoted to Obama and Biden and this moment in history when they negotiated with the nuclear Nazis in Tehran and didn't want a Jew to even talk in Washington.

Never again? Starting when?