Campus Anti-Semitism: Where Are The Christians?
Campus Anti-Semitism: Where Are The Christians?

First, a confession. I hated school. Teachers frightened me and I still get nightmares thinking of our principal, Mr. Webster.  

I got a case of the willies from the moment I got up in the morning. I’d walk to school with one black eye from yesterday and get back home with another black eye from today. Win or lose, you had to fight back. The schoolyard itself was just as tough. Montreal was a tough town.

But these were skirmishes and scuffles, a rite of passages from boyhood to manhood.

You were being taught that life in and around the schoolyard was a sample of what it’s going to be like later on – and you had friends.

Doodie and Moishe and Tevee…we were always there for one another. We could count on the Cohens and the Goldbergs.

We could also count on the Smiths and the Pattersons. Jews, Christians, we were in it together.

So where are the Christians today? From campus to campus, Jewish students are hurting. Waiting for them are armies of trained specialists, Arabs who are ready to pounce on them by use of Beer Hall tactics and Brownshirt thuggery. They have been sent over here, and funded, by their sheiks and imams to intimidate and to radicalize and they appear to be succeeding.

Of course a respectable number of Arab students are just that, students and legitimate, but that makes the burden on Jewish kids no easier.

Yes you are your brother’s keeper. But where are you?
We have seen the tape of a man at Berkeley waving an Israeli flag, which represents freedom and tolerance --- and being jeered.

Mostly Arabs did the jeering. But where was Smith in protest?

The same individual (furthering the experiment) now waves an ISIS flag, which represents oppression and intolerance – now being cheered.

Mostly Arabs did the cheering. But where was Patterson to activate outrage?

I cannot imagine what it must be like going to school Jewish in an atmosphere like this.

I cannot imagine what it must be like getting up in the morning knowing that this is what you will be facing, a type of methodized hatred never seen before.

Except in Nazi Germany.

I have been getting letters from some of these students. They want to get it off their chests; the willies they’ve been getting.

Going to class has become a nightmare. The campus has become a recruitment center for Arab fundamentalism. Hatred stalks the corridors.

There is nothing arbitrary about campus anti-Semitism sweeping the country. Rather it is a systematic approach by fanatical Islamists to break the Jewish spirit. They come here as students but that is only a pretext. To reason with them is pointless because their fanaticism is robotic.

Their bigotry is deep-seated and their racism and their grievances travel with them wherever they go. Jewish kids are no match.

So where are the Christians who’ve been taught to love their neighbor – who’ve been raised to serve as shelters to those who suffer? Silence?

Yes you are your brother’s keeper. But where are you? Your fellow students could use a helping hand. Your fellowship is urgently needed.

Of Jewish students attracted to the scoffers, lighting Hanukkah candles isn’t enough and running with BDS won’t protect you from their scorn.

Your coreligionists in Israel count on your support. Where are you?

Of Christians, more is expected of your Christianity than to decorate the Christmas tree.

Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. New from the novelist, the acclaimed anti-BDS thriller Compulsive. Engelhard wrote the int’l bestseller Indecent Proposal that was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. Website: