Israel is the Crucial Border of Western Civilization
Israel is the Crucial Border of Western Civilization

Israel is to blame by its very being, for everything. Even for its own blood, spilled by barbarians.
The European chancelleries have already pulled the form letter they dispatch when Jews are murdered by various Arab terrorists from their files, and have expressed their condolences.

But in Europe, there was no real grief for the pogrom in Har Nof, but manifestations of moral and political equivalence between the Israeli civilians and the Arab terrorists. Like the Jews, the Jewish State is a pain in the neck, and the world would feel relieved without it.

Sweden, UK, France and Spain are all voting these days to recognize the “Palestinian State”. The same entity which holds major responsibility for the massacre in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the European Union's new foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini just visited Gaza and Ramallah, where she embraced the Har Nof terrorist goal: the division of Jerusalem and the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Of course, for Europe, Israel is to blame by its very being, for everything. Even for its own blood, spilled by barbarians.

The European Union will not stop funding the Palestinian Arabs media: radios, tv, newspapers and educational programs which are publicly inciting to slaughter the Jews.

Why hasn’t the European Parliament ever convened to condemn the killing of a single Jew at the hands of an Arab terrorist?

In Rome, these days, I saw posters asking for the liberation of the Palestinian terrorist Ahmed Saadat, the maths teacher currently held in an Israeli prison. Saadat is the current leader of the Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine, the group which took responsibility for the killings in Har Nof. 

In the French city of Valenton, France, a street has just been named after Marwan Barghouti, the terrorist leader who recently called to spill Israeli blood in Jerusalem. In Palermo, the souther Italian city, Barghouti has just been named an “honorary citizen”.

The former UK foreign minister, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, just tweeted a message that implied equivalence between the Har Nof terrorists and Jews protesting over Temple Mount.

In Turin, Italy, there is a museum hosting a UNWRA exposition saying that the Sabra and Shatila massacre was committed by the Israeli army and demonizing the Israeli fence which helped stop the suicide bombers.

During the Six Day War in 1967, then Italy’s senator Giovanni Spadolini, one of the very few pro Israeli figures, wrote that was “a census of consciences”. Most of Europe stood with Egypt’s Nasser and the Arab dream to throw the Jews into the Mediterranean. Today there is another census of consciences, where most of the Europeans stay supporting the Palestinian Arab cousins who shouted “Allah Akbar” and exterminated four wonderful rabbis praying to the God of Israel, prayer which is stronger than lies and hatred.

Open any European daily newspaper these days: you will not find a single commentator writing that what happened in Har Nof has nothing to do with “occupation” (the killers had Israeli ID cards and did not have to pass checkpoints).

But it is armed Nazi-like anti-Semitism which the world must condemn, stating that Jews have the right to keep Jerusalem united under their control and that the State of Israel is the most important border of Western civilization.

Europe: Write this on your front page.