Israel and Embattled Kurdistan
Israel and Embattled Kurdistan

In the past I have written several published articles, both regarding the ancient ties between the Kurds and the Jews, as well as the more recent examples of Israeli support for the Kurdish people in their fight against Arab aggression.

The present and immediate moral crisis that surrounds the Kurdish resistance against ISIS in the city of Kobane cries out for Israeli and Jewish assistance to perhaps the only true friend Israel has in the Middle East apart from many in the Druze community.

Let me quote from what has just appeared in Britain’s Daily Mail. It is an account of what horrors Kurdish fighters discovered after liberating parts of Kobane from the ISIS Islamo-Nazis:

“I have seen tens, maybe hundreds, of bodies with their heads cut off. Others with just their hands or legs missing. I have seen faces with their eyes or tongues cut out - I can never forget it for as long as I live,” Amin Fajar, a 38-year-old father of four, told the Daily Mail about the incredible scene in Kobane. “They put the heads on display to scare us all.”

Another resident, 13-year-old Dillyar, watched as his cousin Mohammed, 20, was captured and beheaded by the black-clad jihadis as the pair tried to flee the battle-scarred town.

“They pushed him to the ground and sawed his head off, shouting, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ (Allah is Greater) the boy said. “I see it in my dreams every night and every morning I wake up and remember everything.”

Farmer Ahmed Bakki said his cousin, a father of seven, stayed behind when his terrified family fled.

“We phoned my cousin and [ISIS] answered his phone. They said, ‘We’ve got his head, and we’re taking it,” Mr Bakki said, adding that the most brutal ISIS barbarians were European Muslims.

“They are Chechen, they are English, they are from all over Europe. We know because we can hear their accent,” he told the paper after escaping to a refugee camp in Turkey.”

Let me also quote the words of Jerome Roos, writer, filmmaker and PhD Researcher at the European University Institute in Florence, who wrote the following on October 4, 2014 in TeleSUR English.

“As Kurdish forces put up a heroic fight to save the democratic stronghold of Kobane, the US-led coalition seems content to let ISIS commit a massacre.”

Compare how many U.S. aerial sorties Clinton employed against the Serbs in 1999, which averaged 138 daily strikes, compared to the pathetic and estimated five or six sorties against ISIS. As of this weekend, these air attacks have increased and seem, at last, to be making a difference..

Here we have a towering moral crisis affecting what is left of the free world. Will the approximately 12,000 Kurds left in Kobane be allowed to fall under the living horror that is the Islamic State?

Reports from the beleaguered Kurdish city claim that a Kurdish female fighter blew herself up with a grenade rather than be captured and face a cruel and pitiless fate at the hands of the ISIS Islamo-Nazis.

Already, the black flags of Islamic death have appeared on some of the buildings in Kobane and there is great fear of a frightful massacre in the city if the Kurdish fighters cannot hold back the ISIS hordes.

Meanwhile, the valiant Kurds are - for some unaccountable reason - not being supplied by the Obama administration with 21st century weapons to defend themselves against the well-armed Islamo-Nazis; terrorists who possess highly sophisticated armaments, including tanks, they looted from overrun U.S. supplied Iraqi army bases.

The Jewish state is now undergoing what individual Jews experienced during the last two thousand years - a bloody and irrational persecution.
Turkish forces have prevented Turkish and Syrian Kurds from joining the fight primarily because they - like the Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians - have always denied the Kurdish people a sovereign, independent state of their own in the Kurdish ancestral lands; ancient territories that happen to straddle modern and artificially created Arab, Turkish and Iranian territories.

The question must be asked of the Turkish government - run by the Islamist President, Recip Tayip Erdogan, who has taken Turkey deep into a sharia compliant Islamic state - why has it allowed ISIS terrorists to freely cross its border with Syria and even allow ISIS to sell oil stolen by it from captured Iraqi oil wells?

At the same time, why has it prevented thousands of Turkish Kurds from crossing that same border to aid their embattled compatriots in the defense of Kobane? 

In this second decade of the 21st century, one can see the potential for human degradation and inhumanity returning to the level of  the unprecedented genocides of the last century.

The current poisonous phenomenon of what is called ‘political correctness’ now negates historical correctness. As a result, and because of an irrational reluctance to name the Islamo-Nazis as the enemy of civilization, the result is an abject failure to destroy this latest manifestation of Islamic supremacy; namely IS, the so-called Islamic State.

The same paralysis afflicts western powers, allowing the Islamic Republic of Iran and its venomous proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah, to grow ever stronger and usher in new horrors that may well be the final death knell of freedom throughout the globe.

Notice how the mainstream media, consistent with its immoral and perverse treatment of Israel’s struggle against the same evil - Hamas - is strangely quiet about the fight for survival of the brave Kurdish resistance. Here we see that other and shameful handmaiden of political correctness: Moral equivalency.

Mr. Roos quotes Kurdish spokesman, Ismet Sheikh Hasan:

“… the US-led coalition needs to strike ISIS targets before it’s too late. ISIS is not only a threat for the Kurds, but for the entire world … If a massacre takes place tomorrow, the international community will be responsible.”

Was this not in part echoed by Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, who also said of the Hamas Islamo-Nazis in Gaza during his U.N. General Assembly speech:

“Hamas is ISIS, and ISIS is Hamas.”

He also reminded the few delegates who remained during his speech, and who sat in stony silence, that:

“Israel’s war against radical Islam is not only Israel’s struggle but it is yours.”

Thus we come to the ultimate question. What is Israel going to do as her ancient and modern friend - the Kurds - suffer the same worldwide isolation and callous indifference the Jewish people have for so long endured?

Some time ago, I received a plea from a Kurdish friend living in Germany. He was supportive of Israel's epic struggle to survive among its hostile Arab neighbors. He was also devoted to the Jewish people for he knew of the shared ethnicities believed to exist between Jews and Kurds dating back millennia. He wrote this:

"We Kurds have shared so much culture together and we still remember fondly the Jews who lived with us for centuries. But the Turks waxed and waned in their attitude towards the Jews; sometimes they were tolerant and sometimes hostile. There are many Turks today who share Islamist ideas and proclaim hostility towards the Jewish state. Within Turkey lies the same pestilence of anti-Semitism that exists throughout the Arab and Persian world.”

He also wrote these telling words:

“Turkey is now an enemy of both Israel and the Kurdish people. Israel's cause and the undying truth are that Jews are the rightful owners of the historic Jewish lands - now partially occupied by the Arabs. The legitimate arguments and rights Israel has are the same rights and truths of we Kurds. For now and for the future, everything looks black. I fear the worst for us. The whole world is against us, and on the Turkish side there is no change...."

Robert Vincent, a contributing editor at Truth Provider, recently penned an open letter to Christians United For Israel in which, in part, he suggested to that excellent organization the following:

“Today, the greatest threat to Israel is a putative 'Leader of the Free World' who behaves as if Israel and Hamas are morally equivalent, if not Israel being worse. It is a 'Leader of the Free World' who seems determined to allow Iran to acquire nuclear arms in order to 'punish' our most important front-line ally for not agreeing to capitulate to the barbaric thugs of the Palestinian Authority and their backers.

“When it comes to Israel, Obama is maximally "engaged". While ISIS slaughters, China bullies and Putin invades, while Boko Haram kidnaps and rapes, while Iran's centrifuges keep spinning as their leaders openly flout the IAEA, at whom is Obama's rage directed? Israel, of course, for building some apartments in their capital, Jerusalem! 

“My message to you at CUFI is that I would ask you to try to make up for the willful blindness of our national media. Please highlight the contrast between Obama's lack of interest or will to deal with any other foreign policy problem on the one hand, and his steadfast determination to subjugate Israel on the other.”  

It is hard to argue against such contentions. Indeed, Obama’s own record, before and during his presidency, validates the message Robert Vincent gave to the leaders of CUFI.

The Jewish state is now undergoing what individual Jews experienced during the last two thousand years - a bloody and irrational persecution.

I believe that the Jewish state must now, more than ever, not ignore the Kurds who still remain stateless and shunned by the world and who seek, at last, the historic justice they have craved for millennia but have been denied; an independent state of their own.

In my earlier article, Who truly deserves a state, the Kurds or the Palestinians, I gave every reason, chapter and verse, why it is the 35 million Kurds who possess inalienable and empirical rights to reconstitute their ancient homeland - not the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.  

Will Israel aid the embattled Kurds? Or will Obama forbid and frustrate any Israeli support for the Kurdish people? 

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