A Vile Europe Abandons the Jews - Again
A Vile Europe Abandons the Jews - Again

"The fate of the Jews of France is like the canary in the coal mine: it announces a much larger conflagration”.

This is what a great French intellectual told me this week.He is the historian of the Sorbonne University, Georges Bensoussan, the director of the Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris and of its Revue d’Histoire. 

In the first eight months of 2014, France is leading the list of the world’s countries whose Jewish population is emigrating to Israel, with 5,000 Jews who chose to abandon the République to live in the Jewish State.

“It is a real novelty, a real turning point in the history of the aliyah of Jews from France since 1945”, says Bensoussan. “It is one per cent of the entire Jewish population of France. The French aliyah will be two and half times larger than the aliyah from the United States for a community ten times smaller”.

While French Jews are leaving for Israel, French Muslims are leaving for jihad in Iraq and Syria.

“France has the largest contingent of European volunteers for jihad in Syria. 900 French Muslims according to the police. This reflects the demographic upheaval and the non-integration and severe dissimulation of the Muslim population.

There is a surprising fact: the choice of name. The Arab immigration in France is the only one in the history of this country that continues to give children the names of the parent's world of origin

This process of concealment is the result of historical factors such as colonization and decolonization in a background that everyone has forgotten, "‘History weighs on the minds of the living’ said Karl Marx”. The French model of integration is imploding.

“French multiculturalism is nonsense. France is a nation united around a language, literature, history. Communitarianism is antithetical to French history. Multiculturalism does not work anywhere”.

In the last few days it was learned that the terrorist of the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Mehdi Nemmouche, was part of a group of torturers of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

“Radical Islam or Islamism is a threat to European democracy. The growing population of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, together with the shock of Enlightenment modernity, leads to a voltage of identity. There are all the ingredients of a totalitarian drift. This totalitarianism is the answer to grief. It is a threat to all of us, as totalitarian Communism and Fascist ideologies.

"Also the Western world developed a tendency to servility to ensure civil peace. This already happened in France in 1940 with the betrayal of the élite. This is what is happening more or less in Europe. Civil peace is achieved at the expense of the Jews. They leave Europe, and will remain only the 'marranos', silent, discreet, deleted”.

The cry “Death to Israel” resonates in the boulevards of Paris and in the French suburbs. “The refusal of Israel's [existence] has many factors. In addition to the Arab population (in France in July 2014, almost eighty percent of the protesters and organizers of the pro Hamas rallies were of North African origin), there is the extreme Left which built the ’Abstract Jew’ first and then turned it into the ‘racist and colonialist State of Israel’. You can not understand this fury against Israel that borders on willful blindness”.

How to be anti-Semitic after Auschwitz? Bensoussan's answer is astonishing: “By showing that the victims of yesterday are not better than their murderers. That Jews are murderers reincarnated. In short, the sense of guilt born from the Holocaust is unspeakable. Because it is so hard to bear it turns into aggression. In other words, in the name of Holocaust today you can be anti-Semitic”.

Jews, flee Europe before it is too late. In the face of the people on the streets you see the same smirk of complacency and malign forsakening seem during the treasonous French Vichy government.