Meet the British Mothers Who Behead Christians
Meet the British Mothers Who Behead Christians

They, who had no religion, left for that part of the world where faith claims its victims. This is the greatest horror of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. This is a story of Westerners killing other Westerners.

Steven Sotloff and James Foley, two Western journalists, have been beheaded by an English Muslim in a video made by another British citizen, while there was a British woman who attended the execution.

During the same week in which the Kenyan Intelligence Service claimed to have lost track of Samantha Lewthwait, the female English mastermind of the massacre at the Westgate shopping center in Nairobi, Britain discovered another British mom at the top of the jihad list.

Her name is Sally Jones, a mother of two from Chatham, Kent, a former guitarist for the rock band Krunch, who now posts messages like this: “You Christians all need a decapitation with a blunt knife. Come here, I'll do it for you”.

While the wife of hostage David Haines is hiding her four-year old daughter tfrom he terrible fate that might await her father, while you read the stories of Yazidi girls who have committed suicide after being raped and converted to Islam, you discover these British mothers and young Englishwomen.

It seems that Sally was "lost". Islam has “saved” her. In a clip from her old life, Sally has a tuft of bleached hair and a leather miniskirt.

Aqsa Mahmood comes from Glasgow. Her family was an example of perfect integration in the UK. Muzaffar, her father, arrived from Pakistan in the seventies. He became the first Pakistani to play cricket in Scotland. He sent his children to private school, to be educated at Craigholme. In recent days, Aqsa called his father from Syria to tell him that they will meet again on “the Day of Judgment”.

There is another young Englishwoman, Khadijah Dare, who has left the UK to get married to a Swede who is also in Syria to fight the holy war. “I want to be the first woman to kill a Westerner”, wrote Dare.

The Islamic State has opened a “Marriage Office” in the Syrian city of Al Bab.
There is Umm Talib, who writes: “This is the price of Paradise”. She left a comfortable life in the south of London.

There is Umm Layth, who studied  at the prestigious Glasgow Caledonian University, and now writes: “I can not do justice with words". Message: We must behead and slaughter.

These white women rejected the blandishments of Western egalitarianism, fought for by their countrywomen just a few decades ago .

Umm Layth wrote a “diary” for the European women who want to join the holy war, in which she explains that the Islamic State lacks the “Western material comfort”, but there is much more and it is much better.

The Islamic State has opened a “Marriage Office” in the Syrian city of Al Bab. There, white women, the “ungodly” saved by the Caliph, can find a husband. Many would like to leave but cannot. For them, Umm Layth has a piece of advice: “If you cannot reach the battlefield, then take it to you”. Message: Strike the West.

From rhinoplasty to infibulation. From topless to niqab. From nihilism to fanaticism. This is the greatest secret success of the Islamic State. The atonement for sins in blood and by blood.

Look closely. On the Islamic State banner, you can read "Made in London".