When We Said Never Again, We Meant It
When We Said Never Again, We Meant It

Israel is a pro-active Nation on the front line for the advancement and protection of the civilized world.

It is sad to watch a comfortable American millionaire like Geraldo Rivera utilize ignorant arguments which ultimately only serve to defend and enable a terrorist organization like Hamas. 

The Jewish people have not survived this long due to those incidental members of the clan who self-servingly defend their skewed sense of moral equivalency  by boasting  of their undying love of Israel with picturesque tattoos of the Jewish star.

Israel is a land where people make - and have always made - daily and life-long sacrifices, rolling up their sleeves to develop and master major necessary life-contributing and life-fostering endeavors in the fields of agriculture, science,research, medicine, technology, and of course defense strategies and weapons.  

Israel has accomplished these major feats despite having its hands always tied behind its back to varying degrees, having to deal with created organizations and nations that openly seek its ultimate demise while being cheered on by ignorant supporters scattered throughout the world. 

Israel does not exist because it beckons to the calls of apologists or terrorist sympathizers. Israel exists because its focus is on doing what is right not only for its survival, but for the protection and advancement of the civilized world as a whole.

Hamas is a terrorist organization. Its continuous barrage of rockets on Israeli civilians are menacing and dangerous. They are not innocuous, as Geraldo Rivera seems to believe. Israel has invested enormous brain power and millions of dollars to create the Iron Dome, which thank G-d, has been extremely successful.

The Palestinians, led by Hamas, have apparently utilized their brain power and millions of dollars in aid and supplies for the sole purpose of actualizing a stated agenda, which is to destroy the Jewish people and their state.  

Hamas's continuous rocket fire into Israel is treated by the media as merely an annoyance, perhaps similar to the constant drum playing of a neighbor in a suburban neighborhood. However, the continuous rocket fire is extremely dangerous. If not intercepted, the rockets and shrapnel will kill, maim, and destroy thousands of Israeli civilians and their properties. Would it appease everyone's moral barometer if such a scenario took place?

What about the terror tunnels, would it appease Israel's dissenters and detractors to have allowed those plans to be executed resulting in thousands of deaths,rapes, and kidnappings among the Jewish people? 

The Jews and Israel have not advanced to such a degree without being an intelligent pro-active people who understand the dangers they must protect themselves against BEFORE they are realized.

When we said never again, we meant it.