The Media are a Bunch of Anti-Israel Hypocrites
The Media are a Bunch of Anti-Israel Hypocrites

Last week, during an important radio show in Italy, a Palestinian Arab doctor made the morally flawed counting of all the Gazan victims of the Israeli strikes. I was invited to participate to the show and I said that Hamas bears the sole responsibility for its people’s sufferings and that 15,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza since Israel withdrew from the strip. The journalist then brutally cut my phone connection.

This is how it goes in the Western media system. Israel is losing the war of images.

It began in 1972, when 11 Israeli atheletes were massacred by Arab terrorists in Munich. The entire world’s journals and televisions didn’t choose as emblem of that terrible event the images of those Jews martyred in the city close to Dachau and identified with the Holocaust.

No, the media choose the cowboy hats and the kefiyyehs of the Palestinian killers, to divert the attention from the simple, obscene reality: a band of terrorists slaughtered, one by one, 11 Jews.

The media’s words encourage terror and create justification where there is none.
Last week, the International Herald Tribune ran a front page picture of a funeral in Gaza. It was an extraordinary photograph. The intense colors, the position of the bodies, the pain, everything was perfectly calculated. Gaza as a Caravaggio’s painting. The Arabs as the chosen victims.

The Mohammed al Dura campaign inspired one of the largest hate campaigns in recent memory. And Israel’s security fence, built to save human lives (Jews and Arabs alike) is more photographed than any Hollywood star and only in its cement sections with slogans comparing it to the Berlin Wall and the Warsaw Ghetto (Remember Pope Francis praying under it?).

In the last few months, the “spontaneous” Palestinian Arab uprisings in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem have been scheduled so that the Western media knows where and when to come.

During this war in Gaza, all the lenses have been for Hamas and the Arabs, not for the Jewish civilians. The media’s words encourage terror and create justification where there is none.

The fact that Israel’s civilian population is targeted by Arab-Islamic terrorists does not fit “the narrative” of most of the journalists. After all, the world, according to these Western journalists, is divided into “oppressors” and “oppressed” and Israel is viewed as the “oppressor”. Therefore, any Palestinian attack may be justified, even the killing of baby Hadas Fogel.

The state of the Jews must always be brought to this public trial. Why? Perhaps because it put itself there in the first place.

When they write about the Jews, the Western media are not merely witnesses or observers. They are guilty of inciting against Israel. All the cameras, both video and still, are perpetuating the Arabs’ legitimate warfare.

It is a media pogrom. They all sympathize with murderers and terrorists and blame Israel for defending herself. What bunch of hypocrites. What a gang of purveyors and disseminators of hatred.