From "Fabrication" to Validation: UNRWA and Hamas
From "Fabrication" to Validation: UNRWA and Hamas

To grasp the complexities of ​the ​Israel- Gaza war, you must take​​ into account that ​UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, is responsible for 75% of the Gaza population who dwell in "temporary" UNRWA refugee camps since 1949 -  with the expectation that they will eventually be allowed to return to their villages that existed before 1948 from which they fled with the promise of return after the Arab naitons succeed in wiping out Israel.

For  26 years, our news agency and research center, staffed by  Israeli and Arab journalists  has covered UNRWA, providing news agencies with features,  monographs and films which reveal the inner workings of the only refugee agency in the world whose purpose is to maintain refugees in a situation of refugee perpetuity, to the third  and fourth generation.. 

Our news coverage of UNRWA can be perused by clicking here.  Arutz Sheva consistently reported our findings, despite protests from UNRWA, which on its own website went so far as to claim falsely that Arutz Sheva had retracted its reports.

At the invitation of legislative staff of the Israeli Knesset, US Congress, the Canadian Parliament, the British Parliament and the European parliament, our office has screened the films we shot on location in  UNRWA facilities, providing findings of our studies of UNRWA with donor countries that  provide $1.2 billion each year fir this UN agency

Our agency has also shared documented reports which show that Hamas has embedded itself into the administration of UNRWA.  

In that context, our agency has also ​documented  that the new curriculum used by UNRWA prepares the organization's  half a million students to engage in attempts to "return" - by force of arms - to Arab  villages that they have never seen and that existed before 1948, some of which have been replaced by Israeli cities such as BeerSheva, Askhelon and Ashdod - all of which are now pummeled by aerial attacks launched from Gaza, fired under the slogan of the "right of return" by means of "the armed struggle"
For years, UNRWA  responded that our agency "fabricated" the facts of  our investigations of UNRWA. consis​tently denying that  UNRWA has been in any way involved in the war against Israel
However,  on Thursday, July 17-, UNRWA admitted that 20 rockets ready for launching into Israel were discovered in an UNRWA school. UNRWA issued a statement that it would “launch a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident”, stating the “UNRWA has strong, established procedures to maintain the neutrality of all its premises, including a strict no-weapons policy”
​A new UNRWA policy?  Stay tuned.​