They Still Believe It's All Israel's Fault
They Still Believe It's All Israel's Fault

Israeli Jews find it incomprehensible that so many in the US and in the EU still point the finger at the Jewish State, accusing its leaders of deadly aggression toward the “poor, indefensible Palestinians.”

How could they? Israelis wonder. Can any country absorb lethal rocket fire aimed at its civilian population without trying to defend itself?

Unfortunately, the bashers' answer to the above is: “You, Israelis are just like the Nazis… You, Jews, are baby killers… Look at the score—over 100 dead Palestinians versus 0 on the Israeli side… And, incidentally, did you say something?”

Israel’s bashers in the western world are divided into two major camps—the anti-Semites and the ignorant. While most anti-Semites are doubled as low-IQ, boorish ignorant, not all of the ill-informed are inherently anti-Semites. Ordinarily, either they read, listen, watch a biased media source, while blocking any evidence favoring the Israeli condition, or they do not find the time to explore the subject thoroughly.

Unmindful westerners do not understand the geography of Israel, the 'West Bank' and Gaza. They do not know that Gaza is not part of the west bank, that there are no Israeli settlements in Gaza, that Gaza is not occupied by Israel, that Gaza is not ruled by the PA, that Gaza is not under the control of Abbas, that Gaza is ruled by Taliban-like Jihadists.

Most westerners are unaware of the fact that Israel continues to deliver to Gaza (under fire) electric power, fuel, food, water, medical supplies and other essentials. Most westerners are unaware of the fact that Israel continues to treat sick Palestinian Arab children and adults (including close relatives of Hamas chiefs) who keep on coming from Gaza and from the 'West Bank' to receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals, even as the rockets, shot by their brothers continue to fall.

Western governments reinforce this ignorance by calling on Abbas, trying to convince him to help bring the fighting to a halt. Don’t they realize that calling on Abbas for help is like honking the horn at the traffic light in an attempt to make it obey the nervous driver?

On the one hand I have to admire Hamas’s cunning and Machiavellian skill. Referring to Israel as “The Occupation” tends to confuse the ill-informed westerner while reassuring Hamas’s supporters. To the unaware, the term: “The Occupation” reinforces his or her erroneous perception that Gaza is an Israeli occupied land—it is NOT! To the Palestinian, it underlines the false promise of homecoming since the term “The Occupation” encompasses the entire notion of “my homeland, Palestine (a.k.a. Israel) is an occupied land, to which we will return, following the defeat and the killing of the Zionist-sub humans.”

On the other hand, I feel contempt for those terrorists who have kept shooting rockets at Israeli towns, seeming to draw their oxygen from smelling Jewish blood, not expecting Israel to react harshly. Macho Law prohibits them from admitting they have been wrong; they have gambled against the odds and lost. They will soon file a complaint, claiming that the slot machine has stolen their money.

It’s unfortunate, but certain segments of the media contribute knowingly to broadening the obliviousness by their spitefully veiled presentation of the facts. Take al Jazeera’s account of Operation Protective Edge, where the author  discusses how the Gaza bombardment further traumatizes Palestinian children suffering from PTSD: “ Israel's leadership has said the operation will not be short, and has even hinted at a ground invasion into Gaza as Hamas continues to retaliate (emphasis added) by firing rockets into Israel. “

Not only the author ignores the traumatized Jewish children of Israel who have been subject to continuous bombardments for no apparent reason other than blind hate, but he makes a strong implication regarding the question of who the provoker is. He reverses cause and effect by painting Hamas as the one who retaliates rather than the one who initiates, sneaking in a seemingly innocent, although an intentionally distorted image, portraying Israel as the aggressor.

It’s a war. Innocent people will die. Some Palestinians will become (a deliberate) collateral damage due to the terrorists’ strategy of using them as human shields; some will die as a result of an error; some Israelis may be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And when it all ends, there will be no Israeli forces left in Gaza; the Palestinians will accuse Israel of war crimes; the anti-Semites will not be able to get over their raw animal excitement at the sight of horror videos taken from the Syrian civil war while attributing them to Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

Left-minded, self-hating Jews will call on President Obama to boycott, Divest and impose Sanctions on Israel; al Jazeera will describe the continuous suffering of the Palestinians in the aftermath of Israeli aggression, and some guy named Clarence from the waste management company in Mississippi will call on Israel to stop occupying Gaza.