Jewish "Victim Mentality"
Jewish "Victim Mentality"

Jews running for shelters in Tel Aviv, anti-missile sirens in Zichron Yaakov, Israeli teenagers slaughtered while hitchhiking near Jerusalem like in a horror movie, Jewish tourists executed in the European Union capital.

What else do you need to understand that the Jewish situation is again at a critical juncture - as it was just prior to the Holocaust?

But many of the problems don’t come from the world’s hatred for Jews. Anti-Judaism is part of the global identities: Christian, Marxist, Islamic, Atheistic, Leftist, Nazi, Humanistic. All of these ideological groups have been infected by anti-Semitism.

No, a major  Jewish problem comes from within. Jews must stop playing the victims’ card and behave like any other nation.

To pretend that Jews are morally superior is a form of racism. To pretend that Jews react differently at the killing of their own children is a form of racism. To deliver the Jews to the role of victims is a form of racism.

This already happened in the 40’s, when Jews, unarmed, found themselve on the Nazi trains and shortly after, entered into the gas chambers.

This is the Iron Dome mentality and the logic of fighting a war in which your enemy fires a $100 dollar rocket and causes $3 millions of damage, while you fire a $500,000 dollar missile that makes a loud noise.

This is the policy of confining the Jews into a big ghetto of fences and barriers, from Metulla to Sderot. And in a few years Israel should finish the fence in Judea and Samaria, which will isolate over 150,000 Jews from the rest of the country.

You can compare Israel's condition to Hadrian’s Wall, the monumental border of the Roman Empire in Britain.

In 2005, Israel evicted 8,000 brave Jews, the most brave of its citizens, from a paradise in the middle of misery called Gush Katif. Then it built a sophisticated fence around the Gaza Strip in hope of not being harmed by the Muslim terrorists. And they have fired  more than 20,000 rockets at the Jews since then.

The Jewish victims mentality is bringing them to build a truncated Jewish State without the Temple Mount, beleaguered by Islamic “refugees”, a dependency on the UN, a trader of the land for tourism opportunities and international flights. A place where “peace and money” will be the new leitmotif. Israel as a ghetto with an internet point.

The Arabs didn’t confine the Jews into a defensless ghetto in Hevron. The Jews did it.

Israel’s victim mentality was injected into its security policy in 1982: Israel ceased initiating the fighting, it confined itself to responding to enemy attacks and the state accepted these new rules of negotiation with the terrorists. Israel stopped conquering new land, its own Jewish land.

Since then, an entire country was persuaded that it was morally urgent to withdraw and withdraw and withdraw under a distored moral mantra of loss and grief.

The Jewish victims’ mentality was embodied in Israel by the late Avraham Bendar Shalom, the former head of Shin Bet who passed away a few days ago. He was born in Vienna, where he witnessed the Kristllnacht. He reached the land of Israel under British rule and became a kibbutznik, almost a sabra. He kidnapped Adolf Eichmann, he partecipated in many  brave operations, he executed two terrorists under his detention in the 300 bus’ affair - but he ultimately signed the Geneva Peace accord, under which Israel will be delivered to its enemies. Shalom also claimed that Jews behave like Nazis and have become “cruel”.

Some Jews are so racist that they prefer that their own people respond with passivity in front of their own torturers.

I have lot of faith in the Jews. In Warsaw, they resisted the Nazis more than the famous French army, which capitulated to Herr Hitler much more rapidly. But playing, the victims’ role again will lead the Jews to another disaster. And it can be the last one in Jewish history.