The Big and Lethal Lies - Coming at Us Faster than Ever
The Big and Lethal Lies - Coming at Us Faster than Ever

ISIS has just crucified eight Muslim men for not being “extreme” enough in their Islamic practice. They kept their bodies on display in a town square in Iraq for three days. The ninth crucified man survived.

Horrifying—yes? Equally horrifying are the mass beheadings and the football games ISIS has been playing with the human heads. 

However, the leading western media are focusing mainly on the Palestinian Arab boy who was burned alive. Why such a focus?

Mainly because it has been alleged--but in no way proven—that the Arab teenager was murdered by “Jews,”  “settler” Jews, who were both bold and foolish enough to enter a dark, lower middle class all-Arab neighborhood, Shua’fat, in the middle of the night to kidnap an Arab boy. No one stopped them. So far, the media, both left and right, seem to be following the Arab narrative.

Now, a cousin of this same boy has alleged that he was badly beaten by “masked” Israeli soldiers and he has the photos to prove it.

What next? Accusations that the IDF is using poison gas? Sterilizing Arabs through the drinking water? (Suha Arafat made this accusation standing right next to Hillary Clinton, who claimed it had not been properly translated).

Here is what I am sure about.

Arabs and Muslims honor murder their own daughters on the basis of mere rumor. They bury them alive, burn them alive, stone them, stab them again and again, essentially torture-murder them. Some Muslims also honor murder their daughters for the sake of money by claiming that a particular man dishonored the girl who had to die—and now that man owes blood, money, or a free wife.

Even in Biblical times, Dina’s brothers did not kill their kidnapped and raped sister, Dina in an honor/”horror” killing. They killed her rapist and all those who allowed him to do it and get away with it. 

Arab Muslims murder their own sons if they are homosexual; rather, since homosexuality is both rampant but forbidden in the Arab and Muslim world, families do so only if such behavior becomes “known.”

When honor killers are questioned by the police (in Israel or Jordan), they lie outright. The entire community backs them up. The girl ran away. She killed herself. She threw herself down the well. The boy was kidnapped by Jews….

Read the pioneering work of Joseph Ginat and Gideon Kressel. Read their extraordinary field-work based stories of case after case just like this.

Arabs and Muslims engage in eternal blood feuds on the micro-level and in endless religious wars on the macro-level. They do not feel guilty. They are at it right now and are taking down the entire Middle East and leading us into an intense World War. 

What’s new is that the presumably civilized West is accepting this as a “given,” pretending that we can negotiate. Like Saudi Arabia’s King, we, too, act as if we are immune to such barbarism as long as it keeps taking place outside the Kingdom, not in the West.

Arab Muslims claim that Jews, Zionists, Israelis committed massacres during the War of Independence, (Deir Yassin, Lydda), when they have not done so.

The world media and world leaders instantly echo the false allegation and for complex reasons, recently explained by Carolyn Glick, many American Jewish leaders and left Israeli leaders quickly believe the worst of Israel. Makes their lives easier, not having to always defend a pariah nation rendered so via Blood Libels.

Yes, it is possible that two Jews snapped and actually committed a heinous, heartless murder. But we do not know that. I am waiting for proof. I will accept the truth although it runs counter to Jewish and Israeli culture. Also, please note: Israelis immediately condemned the kidnapping-murder of this Arab boy. Arabs celebrated the kidnapping-murder of three Israeli teenagers.  

It is equally possible that the same Arab Muslims who cooked up the fake murder of Mohammed Al Dura and the fake massacre in Jenin and who are known to doctor footage and stage fake murders and fake wounding at Israeli hands, have just now Done It Again.

The very media that is reporting IDF strikes in Gaza literally fails to record the twenty plus rocket attacks on southern Israel in the last few days, which destroyed a schoolhouse and a paint factory or the twenty rockets that were aimed at both Sderot and Beer Sheva over the Sabbath.

The world media is conspiring in Blood Libels against the Jews. In the past, we know that all such anti-Jewish Blood Libels function as incitement to pogroms, massacres, and genocidal extermination.

I hope and I pray that more blood lust is not unleashed by such western collaboration--but I fear it already has.