Israel’s Goodwill Gestures Increase Jewish "Blood Lust”
Israel’s Goodwill Gestures Increase Jewish "Blood Lust”

Israeli Intelligence fears that the two Palestinian terrorists who killed Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach are already in Gaza. After leaving the corpses of the three  Jews in a field in Hevron, the terrorists passed through to Gaza going south of Hevron. 

For twelve years, the road was interrupted by the checkpoint at Harayiq. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu removed it last year to facilitate the movement of Palestinian Arabs living in the villages of Dura, Sammou’, Thahiriyeh and Yatta. But in doing so, is it possible that Israel has facilitated the two terrorists?

This is the tragic dilemma of the Jewish State. The goodwill gestures towards the Arabs always increase terrorism. Netanyahu boasted of being “the prime minister who removed 400 checkpoints”. Israel has improved conditions at checkpoints and has removed many, but the terrorists have deliberately taken advantage of it. 

Without the checkpoints, the intelligence services are aware of an attack while it is already in progress.

In the Second Intifada, on January 2010, the killing of Meir Chai took place right after the removal of a checkpoint as a “confidence-building measure”.

The murder of the three Israeli students sheds light on another painful paradox: the release of terrorists. Israel has just arrested again a fifth of the Palestinian Arabs freed in 2011 in exchange for Gilad Shalit and who returned to their homes in the 'West Bank'. A month ago, the night of the Seder, the terrorists killed Baruch Mizrahi. In recent days, Israel has arrested his killer, Ziyad Awad, freed in exchange for Shalit.

123 Israelis have been killed by terrorists released in previous exchanges. They did not cultivate dreams of peace, but of killing Jews. 55 terrorists freed in exchange for Shalit are back in jail. So Prime Minister Netanyahu, who in 1997 in a book, swore that he would never free terrorists, will go down in history as the one who has freed the most.

Since 2005, Israel has gone on withdrawing from strategic areas in the name of “disengagement”. Security has been contracted to the terrorist Palestinian National Authority and the murderers of the students came from an area under Palestinian Arab control to return to an area under Palestinian Arab control. And the Israeli army must now conduct dangerous night raids.

Since 1999, the Israeli intelligence service can no longer use the “harsh interrogation” methods, banned by the Supreme Court but needed to get information and save lives. In Israel these techniques are not used to incriminate a terrorist, but to destroy his cell. The Shin Bet interrogators worked to such an extent that the former military leader of Hamas, the fierce Saleh Shehada (later killed by a missile), collaborated in his interrogations. 

Just compare the treatment received by Gilad Shalit and that given to Israel by Palestinian Arab terrorists. While Shalit could see only Arabic television, Palestinian terrorists have access to ten channels as well as an infinite number of books. If Shalit came back home pale, Palestinian terrorists have access to day light every day, in addition to sessions of prayer and study. While Shalit was never visited by the Red Cross, the terrorists receive visits every two weeks and can see children up to eight years. While Shalit recorded one video and three letters in five years, Palestinian terrorists meet lawyers, journalists and NGO heads. Shalit, who wore glasses, returned home suffering without lenses, but the Palestinian terrorists are entitled to any kind of medical examination. Shalit came back home malnourished and emaciated, while Palestinian terrorists are entitled to three meals a day and receive $ 350 per month from various organizations to buy more products.

That is the tragedy of the Jewish State and the reason it is not winning the war on terror: Israel’s morality, legality and humanity is a hotbed for terrorists and serial killers of Jewish children and students. 

Weakness excites Jewish blood lust. The Nazis also felt the same. They massacred the Jews because, as a Nazi doctor said, "we could do everything to them".