Jewish Blood is More Precious than Tires
Jewish Blood is More Precious than Tires

What is the only thing unifying everybody in the Israeli government, media, military and legal system?

Easy. Blaming and targeting the "settlers", of course, who are now symbolized by Yitzhar's Jews (once it was Elon Moreh, Kiryat Arba etc...).

Why? Because they know that Yitzhar Jews will resist, that they can't stop them.We are talking about religious Jews who are heroic "settlers" of land (east Samaria), the most essential region for Jewish security and continuity.

It seems that a malignant flower is now growing in Yitzhar: a yeshiva was seized by the army, Boaz Albert underwent pain and humiliation in front of his wife and children, some houses were randomly destroyed, and now there was a girl condoning throwing rocks at soldiers if they destroy homes, even at the risk of killing them - and who, strangely, wrote that on the internal email.

What will be the next target of this blood libel fabricated to tear down many isolated, but vital, communities around Yitzhar?

Hundreds of Palestinian Arab mass murderers can be released, but Jewish tire-slashers must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, while two MK's call for alleged Jewish vandalism to be termed terror to allow administrative detention without due process.

There is something pathological in a state, given all the Middle East unrest, that considers the greatest danger to be a few right-wing hooligan Jews, probably wayward kids who should be caught and punished, so that the Supreme Court, the Shin Bet, the biggest media, the army and the political echelons need to keep attention focused on them rather than on the Arab terrorists.

I don't recall the same media obsession over Yitzhar when a nine year old local Jewish boy was stabbed by a Muslim terrorist. Where have all the Nahum Barnea's disappeared? We need them to demonize Yitzhar.

Are tires of IDF vehicles more precious than Jewish blood? You can deport all the Jews of Shechem's mountains, but only at the price of the entire State of Israel's security and legitimacy.

Meanwhile, I will stand with them. The brave Jews falsely labelled "price taggers" who are putting their life on the line to ensure Jewish continuity.