Richard Allen is a Modern-day Jewish Hero
Richard Allen is a Modern-day Jewish Hero

Richard Allen is New York City Jew, and the founder of  And, Richard Allen is a modern-day Jewish hero.

Richard Allen and his keep close tabs on the leftist-leaning Jewish American  New York City organizations which often secretly support virulent anti-Israel events. 

Allen’s most recent target is the New York City Jewish Federations that are “welcoming” American Jewish organizations who actively support the Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS) movement against Israel.

Richard organized a recent hugely successful demonstration in front of the Jewish Federation building on 59th Street in Manhattan.  Over 200 people show up and chanted anti-BDS slogans and held anti-BDS posters. The demonstration has garnered huge media attention including a full page article in the New York Post by Andrea Peyser  on April 18, 2014, entitled “The Mideast war here at home.” 

The three specific groups participating in the Israel Day Parade all of which support the BDS movement are “Partners for a Progressive Israel,” (formally “Meretz USA”), “New Israel Fund,” and “B’Tselem.” 

These “Jewish” organizations are as virulently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish one can imagine, and they all totally support BDS.  Some of them try to parse the BDS by saying they are only against goods over the “Green Line.” 

Israel’s “Jerusalem” is mostly over the “Green Line” in the “West Bank,” so these organizations are all against a unified Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty.  

But, regardless, the New York Jewish Federation are “welcoming” these virulent Jewish/Israel-haters into the New York Celebrate Israel Parade.

That’s where Richard started to organize and fight against these Jewish Jew-haters.  He first tried talking to the Jewish Federations, and they disregarded him.  Worse, these Jewish “Philanthropies” proceeded to play Jewish “Lawyer” for these Jewish Jew/Israel-hater organizations. 

The New York Jewish Federations actually came up with a “Pledge” which a parade participant must sign: they must sign that they “identify with Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” 

Note, the definition doesn’t state that they identify with a “defensible Israel,” just “Jewish and democratic.” These are buzz words for the 2-State Solution.

The worst thing about the UJA’s Parade “definition” is that is doesn’t state that participants believe “Israel is a Jewish and democratic state” merely that they identify “with Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” 

In fact, all three Jewish groups would vow that Israel is now not a Jewish or democratic state. Their entire reason d’etre is their belief that Israel, in trying to defend itself against Muslim terrorists and murderers, is “not-Jewish” and “anti-democratic.”  And  these groups are, nevertheless, “welcomed” by the New York Jewish Federations in an Israel Parade.

To give one an idea of how damaging these groups are, Naomi Paiss, the vice-president of public affairs for the New Israel Fund is quoted in the New York Post as saying “We do oppose the occupation” by Israel of areas that she said were “seized from Palestinians.” 

Now, what are “the areas Israel seized from Palestinians”?  The New Israel Fund would tell you the entire Israel including pre-1967 Israel.  Can you imagine these American Jewish Israel-hate groups are so well-funded that they have a  “Vice-president of public affairs”!

But Richard Allen is a modern-day Jewish hero because despite all odds, he is fighting against the real evil of the pro-leftist American Jewish Organizations that parade themselves as defending Israel while funded with millions of Jewish money. 

It is highly likely that most of the donors don’t really understand that these “mainstream” organizations actually support virulently anti-Jewish and anti-Israel organizations.

To express your outrage at the Jewish Federations who are supporting anti-Israel BDS organizations call and write the following people responsible for the parade:

Peter Kohlmann, Executive Producer [email protected]

Michael Mittelman, Director, Celebrate Israel [email protected]

Gianna Bergman, Director, Sponsorships [email protected]

Hindy Poupko, Director, Israel & Internat’l [email protected]

Don Cohen, Israel & Internat’l, Program Coordinator [email protected]

Karen Ostrove, Parade Creative Director [email protected]

Main Phone Number 212-983-4800

Stay tuned!  Richard is organizing another block-buster demonstration entitled “100 Shofars Rally Against BDS” in front of the same New York Jewish Federation Building on April 29, 2014 at 5:30pm.