What is Going On in Texas, USA?
What is Going On in Texas, USA?

In 2008, Yasir Said honor killed his two daughters in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Their mother, Tissy, who has not been charged or arrested, aided and abetted him. Said routinely abused his daughters, both sexually and physically, just as if they were living in Egypt. He demanded that they marry Egyptian men of his choosing. They refused. He was supported in his views by brothers and by his son who also lived in Texas. Yasir Said remains at large.

In 2014, James Larry Cosby allegedly just murdered his own daughter in cold blood together with her “soul mate” in Houston, or Galveston, Texas. Cosby had a long prison history as a felon,  was a registered sex offender, and had recently served two years in jail. Cosby was released five months ago. The police found pools of blood in Cosby’s home and his fingerprints on evidence at the crime scene.  He has been arrested.

His daughter, Britney Cosby, and her partner Crystal Jackson were both 24 years old and had been living together for two years. Britney was the mother of a five year old. Cosby bludgeoned Britney to death (this was up close and ugly) and he shot Crystal.

Why did he do it?

A family spokesman, Mr. X, claimed that he found “writings condemning homosexuality as a sin on Cosby’s Koran.”

However, in contrast, Crystal Jackson’s father, the Reverend Ivan Jackson, said that “he did not agree with his daughter’s sexual orientation but loved her as much as his other children.”

Is this an important difference between Christianity and Islam? More specifically, between infidel monotheism and radical or "prison Islam"? Is this an example of prison Islam or an example of how angry and violent men choose to use Islam to justify murder?

Cosby’s vicious act was not an honor killing. No family conspiracy was involved. He had not raised his daughter as a Muslim. If it is true that he converted to Islam in prison, then perhaps that conversion allowed him to justify his pre-existing rage towards: His ex-wife? His daughter? Women in general? Women who he viewed as violating Sharia law? Please note that homosexuals are being publicly executed in the Islamic nation of Iran. (Irony of ironies: pederasty, prison-style, as well as adult homosexuality, is pandemic in the Muslim world where it is also prohibited).

Everyone involved in this latest case is an African-American. And yet, the same President who immediately weighed in on Dr. Henry Louis (Skip) Gates’s arrest, and on Trayvon Martin’s killing, remains silent on this one case as well as on other cases which involve African-American women. If he cannot “see” himself in the victim, does this mean that he cannot relate to their suffering?

Does President Obama view all Muslims, and Palestinian Arabs in particular, as victims who remind him of himself? Does he not understand that Israeli Jews also exist in all the colors of the rainbow and that Israelis, Jewish and non-Jewish, are being victimized by fiery Jihadic forces?