Bullying Israel But Bowing to Tyrants
Bullying Israel But Bowing to Tyrants

It is not beyond credulity that Obama will display brute force against Netanyahu – something he has assiduously refrained from doing with respect any other nation state, especially the world’s tyrants.
It is glaringly obvious that in five short years President Barack Hussein Obama has made U.S. foreign policy a figure of ridicule. This president’s red lines have come and gone and left America’s loyal allies, particularly Israel, deeply dismayed and apprehensive. Enemies have been immensely emboldened as the erstwhile policeman of the world has become in the eyes of many a paper tiger.

Whether this was perpetrated deliberately by Obama and his minions or is a display of utter ineptitude remains to be seen. What is happening now with the Ukraine is a de facto annexation by Putin’s Russia, first of the Crimea, with all its vital naval facilities at Sevastapol and, perhaps much of the eastern part of Ukraine.

The strategic control and annexation of Sevastopol, this preeminent warm water port, allows the Russian fleet the wherewithal to control not only the Black Sea but also entry into the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal. Indeed, Obama’s mishandling of the Egyptian “Arab Winter” has allowed Russia to oust American influence in that strategic area of the Middle East and return the situation to the much earlier period of the Soviet Union’s alliance with Gamal Nasser and, for a time, Anwar Sadat.

In reviewing Obama’s foreign policy disasters, we can add the Libyan debacle (the appalling Benghazi murders by Al Qaeda of the Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador); we can add the pathetic red line Obama warned the Assad regime in Syria not to cross but which disgracefully dissolved into the Syrian sands; we can add the disaster that is now Iraq as it falls remorselessly under Iranian influence; we can revisit Obama’s refusal to support the Iranian people as they rose up against the Iranian fundamentalist regime; we can refer to the ongoing failure by this president to give the go ahead for the Keystone pipeline or his rejection of fracking on public lands, which would make America totally independent of the Arab oil cartel; and we could look at the suffering people in Venezuela who, like the Iranian masses before them, are today pleading for American assistance to help them shake off their oppressors but who, again, are being greeted with deafening silence from the man in the Oval Office.

So, yes, the world is fearful of what the international bullies, like Russia, China and Iran, may yet do, but sees a United States rushing to reduce its armed forces to a level not seen since before World War Two.

This, then, may be the excruciatingly worst time for Prime Minister Netanyahu to be visiting President Obama who clearly and, perhaps painfully, is aware of the ridicule many in the international corridors of power are heaping upon him. If Obama cannot display force against the thugdoms and the world’s bullies and human rights violators then it may well be that he will compensate by imposing bullying threats and savage sanctions against tiny and embattled Israel – the only democracy in the benighted Middle East.

Knowing as he does that there are many in the world who share an animus towards the Jewish state, and having been associated all his life with anti-Israel leftists and Islamists, it is not beyond credulity that Obama will display brute force against Netanyahu – something he has assiduously refrained from doing with respect any other nation state, especially the world’s tyrants.

This is the great test that Netanyahu may well face. Will he display the same dismissive attitude towards the Oval Office occupant that most of the world now does, or will he be the lone head of state who buckles?

But this is also a momentous opportunity for the Israeli Prime Minister to confront Obama and inform him that, finally, the ancestral and Biblical Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria will not be abandoned and handed over to a terrorist entity whatever name it chooses to take, be it Palestine or Humpty Dumpty land.

Netanyahu, in a previous premiership, already gave away the second most holy Jewish city - Hevron - and he must not remotely now entertain the present day blandishments of Obama and Kerry into losing Jerusalem by agreeing to allow the Arabs a capital in the holiest of all Jewish cities and its eternal 3,000 year old capital.     

I fear that President Obama may well take the opportunity of applying brutal force against Israel (America’s truest ally) as a counterweight to his abysmal ineffectiveness against the bad actors in the international arena.

The next few days and weeks may well be a time of Jewish glory or of generational heartbreak.

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of the acclaimed trilogy, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.