Abe Foxman & the ADL: Taking Sides Against Israel
Abe Foxman & the ADL: Taking Sides Against Israel

Foxman is wrong and Yogev is right.
Uncle Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) guaranteed himself a spot at President Obama’s Passover Seder this year - by selling out Israel.

Knesset Member Motti Yogev gave an interview this week where he said that American Secretary of State John Kerry is not a fair mediator in peace talks because he has "anti-Israel roots," and Kerry seeks "unequivocal answers that could only mean shrinking Israel's borders." Yogev continued on to state that Netanyahu has to maneuver under Kerry's relentlessness and "unprofessionalism, which may also have anti-Semitic undertones to it."

The ADL demanded that Yogev apologize to Kerry for his "disparaging comments" and accusations that were “offensive, inflammatory and totally without any basis.”

Foxman claimed that “...while you and other members of the Israeli government and Knesset may disagree – even strongly object – to the initiatives of the US and Secretary Kerry, it is beyond the bounds of legitimate critique to disparage the intent of the Secretary’s intensive commitment to and investment in the negotiations, and simply indefensible to accuse him of harboring anti-Jewish beliefs." 

Foxman is wrong and Yogev is right.

No matter where one may stand on the political map, Israel is subject to intense pressure, unlike the Palestinian Arabs. There can be no question at all that treating one party different than another party denotes bias, and clearly no question at all that a Secretary of State who threatens boycotts and intifadas is forcing Israel to negotiate under duress.  

The majority of Israelis agree that John Kerry is clearly on a mission to force Israel to sacrifice land - and more. As Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said, Kerry “operates based upon an unfathomable obsession and a messianic feeling” --- and employs a dangerous double standard against the State of Israel.  

Motti Yogev was right – just as Moshe Ya’alon was right.

Foxman stands against many prominent Israelis, including a longtime leader of Judea & Samaria communities, Adi Mintz, who said “Until now, I thought that Kerry just didn’t understand the Middle East, that he was deluded, obsessive and messianic"

"Tonight", he continued, "I realized that he is motivated by anti-Semitism, too. ‘Hit the Jew in his pocket’ – that has always been an anti-Semitic slogan. Anti-Semites think that Jews are motivated by just one thing: money. And if you want to hurt them, hit them in the pocket.”

Netanyahu’s longtime close confidant Yuval Steinitz said Israel cannot be pressured to negotiate with “a gun against its head” and that Kerry’s remarks were “offensive and unacceptable.”

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said “We expect our friends around the world to stand beside us, against anti-Semitic boycott efforts targeting Israel, and not for them to be their amplifier.”

Put your trust in Adi Mintz, Yuval Steinitz, Naftali Bennett, Motti Yegev and Moshe Ya’alon,  more than you trust in Abe Foxman and John Kerry.

One may wonder why an American Jewish organization devoted to combating anti-Semitism is inserting itself into Israeli politics. The answer can be found in the fact that the ADL is a leftist organization devoted to a 2-state solution.  They have claimed that opposing the concept of a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict” is “troubling on several levels.”

Similar to John Kerry, Foxman has said “...at a time when anti-Israel de-legitimization and boycott campaigns are growing around the world,” those who oppose a 2-state solution add fuel to the fire.” This isn’t about a Knesset Member speaking out against the State Department – it's about American Jews standing with the State Department to threaten Israel's freedom and any Israelis who dare to speak out against America's policies.

Foxman speaks for no one in Israel, and very few in American Jewry. It is outrageous for the leader of an American organization focused on combating anti-Semitism to spend his time advocating for a 2-state solution.

Who decided that Foxman’s job is to make “peace” in the Middle East? American Jews stand with the people of Israel – and not with the American State Department.

Shame on Abe Foxman and The Anti-Defamation League for criticizing Israeli officials who rightfully challenge John Kerry’s obsessive double standard toward Israel. Abe Foxman owes Israel an apology.

Ronn Torossian is one of America’s most prolific and respected public relations experts who is a proud columnist of Arutz-7.