Open Letter to Professor Alan Dershowitz
Open Letter to Professor Alan Dershowitz

Dear Prof. Dershowitz,

I personally thank you for your many years of pro-Israel and pro-Jewish advocacy.

However, at the 2013 Jerusalem Post New York Conference I attended yesterday, April 28, 2013, you publicly claimed the 1970 Allon Plan was a safe solution to the 2013 Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I’m sure you don’t realize it, but your military and security advisors have sold you a military hoax. Your Allon Plan is a total military hoax. I (by myself) challenge you, and any combination of your military advisors to a televised debate in Israel.

On August 31, 1992, close to 21 years ago, the Jerusalem Post published an article which I co-wrote entitled “Rabin not Faithful to Allon.”  (May Rabin rest in peace.) In that 1992 article, I outlined three basic military problems with the Allon Plan that then, and now, would represent an existential threat to Israel. Those 1992 problems with the Allon plan were:

  1. It failed to protect Israel’s international riparian rights to water that falls in the West Bank and topographically migrates westward and northward to pre-1967 Israel. That water accounts for over 50% of Israel’s water supply.

  2. It failed to account for the air-space of the Allon West Bank State.

  3. It failed to require full inspection rights of all cargo into the Allon West Bank State. This would allow Hamas to smuggle katyushas, man-pad anti-air craft missiles, and anti-tank missiles like the one that was fired into a yellow school bus killing Daniel Viflic (may he rest in peace). All of these small “terrorist” state-deniable-type weapons (unimaginable to Allon in 1967) would be in range of Israel’s dense heartland of the coastal plain. Imagine al Qaeda firing a ball-bearing katyusha into Manhattan.

To add some more problems:

  1. Israel would lose control of Palestinian immigration to the Allon West Bank State. There isn’t enough potable water for the Palestinians who are there now, let alone with millions of new West Bank Palestinians. And if Israel was forced to reinvade after your Allon Plan failed, there would be millions more Palestinians there than there are now under the status quo. What are you going to do then?

  2. Katyushas rockets can carry Sarin(GB) nerve gas just like the gas used by Assad on his own people. If fellow Muslims can use Sarin warheads on fellow Muslims, then they can certainly fire Sarin katyushas on Jews in Tel Aviv if they ever got the chance. And, we now see that “small-scale use” of chemical weapons on civilians means nothing to the President of the United States.

  3. The Allon Valley would become just another indefensible ‘Philadelphia corridor’ of the Gaza Strip attackable from both the east and west, which Israel will be forced to abandon.

  4. The Allon Plan doesn’t include any of the Western Samarian settlements including the entire Ariel Block (which I have heard you publicly and incorrectly include as being in the Allon Plan).

In short, your Allon Plan is a military hoax. I challenge you (and any battery of Israeli generals or admirals) to a televised debate over whether the 1970 Allon Plan being implemented in 2013 is a hoax on the Jewish people.


Mark Langfan