Judea and Samaria are Our Iron Dome
Judea and Samaria are Our Iron Dome

Since 1962, the altogether too unreal world of the cinema has bestowed upon us the unflappable, ever-calm, ultra-smart, super handsome, single, dashing, always victorious, British Secret Agent named James Bond. CMR James Bond has had a super simple answer whenever a bartender asked how he wants his martini. CMR Bond’s answer is simple, “Shaken, not stirred.”

Since 2013, the altogether too real world of the State of Israel has bestowed upon us the unflappable, ever-calm, ultra-smart, attractive, unassuming, hopeful, always victorious, Israeli mother and Knesset member Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home). MK Ayelet Shaked had a super simple answer to US President Obama’s comment that “settlement activity is counterproductive to peace.” MK Shaked’s simple answer was, “Judea and Samaria are our Iron Dome.”

Or put another way, MK Shaked said: I am Israeli MK Shaked, and I will be neither shaken, nor stirred from proudly building Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, which are productive to peace and which enable the IDF to protect the Jews of Israel from a Holocaust 2.0 at the hands of yet another fascist Muslim genocidal terrorist state that wants to call itself "Palestine".

Why is MK Shaked exactly correct, and why is Judea and Samaria, aka “The West Bank,” Israel’s “Iron Dome” which protects Tel Aviv from becoming another Sderot? Simple. A “demilitarized” Palestinian state “solution” is, and was always, a hoax. Without Judea and Samaria under pure Israeli military and internal security control, the Palestinian Arabs will easily smuggle katyusha rocket parts into the area just like they smuggled katyushas into Gaza after Israel surrendered Gaza to the Palestinian terrorists.

A “demilitarized” Palestinian state “solution” is, and was always, a hoax.
However, the difference between rockets from Gaza and rockets from the "West Bank" is Gaza is (with few exceptions) surrounded by almost empty Israeli farmland, while Judea and Samaria abut Tel Aviv - the heart of Israel’s population. So a “demilitarized” Palestinian Arab state in Judea and Samaria is within easy terrorist katyusha rocket range of over 70% of Israel’s population and 80% of her industrial base.

In American terms, and for Americans to “put on the shoes of the Israelis,” if you fire 100 katyusha rockets into North Dakota you might hit some cow dung. But, if you fire one katyusha rocket from Brooklyn into Manhattan, you’ll kill a dozen people. So, surrendering Judea and Samaria to a “demilitarized" Palestinian Arab state (which would be swept into Hamas hands the next business day) is equivalent to giving al Qaeda territory contiguous to the United States, from which they could fire small unstoppable chemical-war-headed rockets that could hit 200,000,000 American citizens.

No American President would allow al Qaeda to get close enough to the continental United States to be able to fire a rocket into a barren Texas ravine, let alone into Manhattan, without first blowing them into smithereens.

But, let’s rewind the video-tape. Why did the Iron Dome ever even become “necessary” to begin with? One, and only, reason: the “Peace Process” hoax. The Gaza terrorists were only able to smuggle rocket parts into Gaza after the leftist Oslo “Peace” Process began, not before.

For, when hawk-like PM Yitzhak Shamir headed the Israeli government (and I must say PM Shamir was the sweetest, warmest Israeli politician I’ve ever met), Arab terrorists were only able to murder Jews with knives. Then, when the peace-like messianic Prime Ministers Rabin and Peres headed the “Peace Now” Israeli government, the Arab terrorist-cum-Palestinians were then able to smuggle suicide vest devices and rocket parts into Gaza to more effectively murder even more Jews. Peres, and his coterie of Kool-Aid drinking messianic “Peace” fantasists, didn’t bring peace and security to Israel; they brought war and national suicide.

The “Wall” only became necessary to keep the “Peace Process”-empowered Palestinian suicide bombers from murdering Jews wholesale. And when the Jews built the “Wall,” the Iron Dome became necessary because the “Peace Now” Israeli government voted for a further “Disengagement,” tore the heroic Jewish settlers out of Gush Katif and Gaza, and gave the land to the murderous terrorists of Arafat’s Fatah and Iran’s Hamas.

Without the Israeli Gaza settlers, Israel’s “Philadephi” corridor (which was ostensibly meant to stop smuggling) proved a military delusion, and the entire Gaza fell to the Palestinian Arab terrorists and their rockets.

But interestingly enough, despite the fact that Arab terrorists had fired katyusha rockets from South Lebanon into northern Israel for decades, the ultra-leftist Peretz was the Israeli defense minister who first authorized Iron Dome. The then Defense Minister Peretz authorized Iron Dome for two reasons: 1) he actually lived in Sderot (no other Israeli Defense Minister had ever lived first-hand under rocket fire in Northern Israel), and 2) he thought if he authorized Iron Dome, he could give up the entire 'West Bank' to the same rocket-firing Palestinian Arab genocidal terrorists to whom he had given Gaza.

Therefore, the inescapable simple military fact is any Israeli retreat from Judea and Samaria will bring Palestinian terroristic rockets into Tel Aviv. And, the only militarily theoretical way for Israel to maintain its military control of Judea and Samaria is to populate it with Israelis who can’t be “ordered” to retreat from it on a moment’s notice. The only practical way for the IDF to maintain control of the area is through the support network that the Israeli communities there provide. The civilian Israeli settlements are the logistical oxygen that the IDF requires to militarily function in Judea and Samaria. Militarily, the IDF is not protecting the Israelis; the Israeli "settlements" are protecting the IDF. Therefore, the Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria are productive to peace, and are Tel Aviv’s and Israel’s Iron Dome.

MK Shaked has spoken “truth to power,” and the truth to the national suicide of the “Two-state solution” hoax. The only protection of the 4,000,000 Jews of the Tel Aviv-Netanya corridor and the 6,000,000 Jews of Israel is to keep Judea and Samaria as Israel’s real Iron Dome in perpetuity.

For without MK Shaked’s Iron Dome of Judea and Samaria, Tel Aviv is toast, and Netanyahu, Obama and the Palestinians all know it.

Bravo, MK Shaked. And the best of blessings for you, and for your new government.

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