How Deported ISM Leader Tried New Trick to Enter Israel
How Deported ISM Leader Tried New Trick to Enter Israel

Huwaida Arraf, wife of notorious ISM co-founder Adam Shapiro, is pregnant. Shapiro, who was banned from Israel for ten years, has been caught trying to reenter Israel and faces deportation

For those who have taken an interest in terrorism in the Middle East conflict between Israel and the Arab world, efforts made by members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) to get its international volunteers over to the 'West Bank' and Gaza in order to incite riots against, and act as human shields to prevent anti-terror operations by the IDF are well-known.

The ISM was co-founded by American anarchist radicals Adam Shapiro, born a Jew, but a self-professed atheist, and Huwaida Arraf, an anti-Israel American activist born to a Palestinian family from Beit Sahour near Bethlehem, but emigrated to the US before her birth.

In 2002, while Yasser Arafat was surrounded with 200 PLO terrorists in the Mukata, his headquarters in Ramallah, Shapiro and Arraf finagled bringing an ambulance into Arafat’s compound where they had breakfast with the terror leader. This was immediately after the Passover Massacre that Arafat personally ordered at the Park Hotel in Netanya where 31 Holocaust survivors were killed during the seder. it was then, at the Mukata, that the ISM was born to bring foreign born anarchists to be human shields for the PLO, PFLP and later, Hamas terrorists.

Shapiro and Arraf called for a combination of nonviolent and violent resistance to bring down the Jewish state, however, Huwaida Arraf openly admitted in a letter sent to the Washington Post that the group works in cooperation with the PFLP, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and even Hamas. All of these groups are designated terror groups per the U.S. State Department and it is illegal to provide them material aid and support.

Despite the odds, Arraf and Shapiro managed to create a worldwide network to delegitimize the Jewish national homeland throughout the U.S. and Canadian college systems and in Europe. Not long after this began, in 2003, Shapiro and Arraf married.

Huwaida Arraf holds dual U.S, and Israeli citizenship through her father and mother, so she cannot be deported from Israel, even if she is ruled a security risk, by Israeli law.

Shapiro, as the star of the ISM, was deported from Israel as an American citizen and has not been allowed to reenter. This was after the Israeli Supreme Court refused him entry despite his Jewish heritage because he is considered a security risk. Shapiro, back in 2006, was even in Lebanon with the Hizbllah as an ISM human shield to assist in that terror group’s war against Israel where he was later joined by his wife. The family that supports terrorists stays together one would suppose.

Arraf was involved in the organization of the Gaza Flotillas and assorted activities in the 'West Bank' and Gaza to confront IDF soldiers and border guards, and has been involved in the worldwide vilification of Israel from Durban to London to Georgetown.

ISM activists she usually recruited at Palsolidarity conferences in the U.S. and London where her husband was frequently a celebrity guest of honor have brought thousands of anarchists to riot weekly in the "West Bank" and incite the local Arab population to do so also.

Two “volunteers” from London met with the ISM in Gaza prior to detonating a bomb at the Mike’s Place next door to the US embassy in Tel Aviv and an armed terrorist named Shadi Sukiya was caught hiding in an ISM office in the 'West Bank' by IDF troops. Huwaida Arraf is also well-known for running into the Church of the Nativity when the holy place and its priests were taken hostage by Palestinian terrorists who were being sought by the IDF. Arraf and a gaggle of ISM internationals rushed the compound to bring food and supplies into the terrorists inside so they could continue their activities inside the Church.

Arraf’s pregnancy is seen as an opportunity to try and gain admittance for her husband back into Israel and the West Bank. Chatter among the ISM on Twitter has been suggesting that ISM activists contact Michigan Senator Carl Levin (D) to get the U.S. State Department to put pressure on Israel to now readmit Shapiro into Israel as Arraf’s husband and her baby’s father.

The truth is Huwaida Arraf, as a U.S. citizen, can live in the U.S. with Shapiro and her baby once it is born. She is involved in the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation in Washington, D.C. as one of its founding members and leaders of its steering committee and is an American educated attorney so has plenty of work opportunities in the US.

Shapiro’s presence in the Holy Land would only serve to incite more ISM violence in the region and serve to interfere with what little is left of any “peace process” in the region. Despite her admitted affiliations with Palestinian terrorist groups, Arraf was even a congressional intern for Democratic congressman James Moran (D) Virginia. If she can still find a job in congress after being a human shield for terrorists, she can certainly find work here in the U.S. with her husband.

For anyone who has seen the film The Omen, the Arraf pregnancy carries as much a threat to peace in the Middle East as that baby did for the peaceful world in the film. Concerned people should also contact Senator Levin’s office and ask him not to fall for this latest ploy to gain the granddaddy of human shields access to Gaza and the West Bank. Shapiro and Arraf can live happily in the United States or London from where they can continue their efforts to destroy a Jewish state. There is no need to place the superstar of the ISM near the very terrorist groups he has been aiding most of his adult life.

Excerpt from letter wrtitten by Ms. Arraf

Adam and I are expecting our first child, a boy in about 5 weeks. As joyful as this blessing is, we've had / we have to make some difficult decisions (besides what to name our son that is!) I am an Israeli citizen (in addition to a US citizen). This fact has made it possible for me to continue accessing my homeland all these years in spite of some attempts by Israel to kick me out. Israel did however deport Adam in 2002 because of our human rights work and banned him from re-entering the country (including the occupied Palestinian territory) since, which is why we've had to spend so much of our married life apart.

In order for us to ensure that in the future, if Israel remains the racist, apartheid state that it is, it won't deny our son the right to visit his homeland and all his family in Palestine, we've had to think about getting Israeli citizenship for our son. However, because I'm Palestinian, and not a Jewish citizen of Israel, our child will not have the automatic right to visit the country or to claim citizenship. The only way for me to pass down my citizenship to our son is to have him [born] in Israel.

Note: The government has just deported Shapiro.